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Whats What In Gs300 Vvti/tt Models?


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Friday 13th I had my impreza stolen, directline FINALLY (still not settled though) paid out and so I`m after a GS300, I`m hearing quite a lot about the vvti/twin turbo type but then i hear vertex and vortex and thats where the air starts gushing over my head...

Can someone tell me what the difference is, some people quote me 340bhp and others say 600bhp?!?!? thats mad!!! (but great if its true)

I`m after spending £15k and wonder what sort of thing i should really be looking for with performance similar to my old wrx (jap import 250bhp)...



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Hi Adam

The GS300 mark 2 comes with the VVTI engine (Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence) - VTEC if you're a Honda fan. The GS300 mark 1 didn't.

The Aristo is what Toyota call the GS300 in Japan, and is only available here as an import. The Aristo V300 Vertex edition is the twin turbo nutter variety (and has plenty of toys too).

There's a few members here with the TT Vertex - highly recommended if you can find one at the right price, and if you're happy with an import.

IMO the Vertex is like a "grown up" Scoobie - probably quicker and with more toys


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I have just recently come back from racetrack, racing my Vertex against various Jap cars e.g.Impreza etc.

I found the Scoobies to be around 3-4 seconds faster round Knockhill with the Vertex on standard springs. The Vertex ran the same lap time as slower Lotus Elise.

Lowering (Eibach) helped me shave 1s off my lap-time.

Straight line performance - Scooby quicker from standing start/low speed. No difference from rolling start e.g.40mph.

If you used to a Scooby, then you'll probably want Koni setup with anti-roll bars or HKS coil-overs if you can handle the hard ride.

The brakes are weak on the Vertex, recommend Black Diamond grooved discs/Ferodo pads/ steel brake lines.

Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres wear well on the car.

Scooby 250bhp - 0-400m in 14s

Vertex 280bhp - 0-400m in 15s

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I guess really I`m looking at "vortex" rather than "vertex" does anyone have any specs for the cars anywhere, i can`t find out much in the way of power, weight, MPG etc etc

Also, anyone with a vertex/vortex can you tell me who you insured with, I`m finding most people don`t even know what they are! Also what you`re paying, FYI I'm 27, no convictions, 5+ years NCB.



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If your going to buy an import, your probably best off joining our GOLD scheme, as we have a LOC insurance scheme, which is really good for imports/modified cars.

If your considering the Vortex, perhaps you should look at the GS too, they are very similar.

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Hi Boltz,

If you go with the LOC Gold Membership, there is a scheme set up for the insurance, I saved over £280.00 on my insurance, I've got the MK I Aristo TT


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I`ve tried a few including

adrian flux


alan & alan

quoteline direct (stay away from this lot they subscribe your mobile number to no end of text message junk)

I am a gold member and rang DIG but they never called back.......

My main problem is on Friday 13th June 03 *just my luck* I had my last car stolen resulting in a pay out of some £14500. This was from BHX airport and totally nothing to do with me (I was in belgium at the time) however I`ve had quotes ranging from £8412 (!!!!) down to £2039 which is just damn stupid.

Most won`t protect my NCB either.

My current insurer (directline) want another £392.70 for the remaining 7 months on my premium. Thats on top of the £900 i was paying. A steep premium I`m sure you`ll agree.

Seems I`m paying the price multifold for some little :tsktsk: *&&*(% :tsktsk: to be riding around in my stolen car.

I`ll try DIG again.

Adam (boltz)

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I put the deposit down on a 99v aristo vortex through "winkfield autos" in maidenhead, reluctantly hey gave me the VIN number which i had do a check on.

It came back a never deregistered in japan.

I did some more digging, it was owned by a finance company in the country who bought it from a garage in Hadley who had it imported by a company in southend which were shutdown by HM Customs and Excise for VAT fraud.

The car was imported through Dubai.

Looks like this baby is a hot one, stolen. :excl:

Does anyone know a way to do a check with the japanese police?


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Listen to the Lowrider...

ANything with that shady a history needs to be left quitely to itself.... FOREVER!!!

Find a nice clean car with an honest history and worry less about having it reposessed with no title to the car.


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