Syed Tanveer Hussain

Lexus Is 200 New Cd Player Installed Sat Nav Not Displaying Nothing He

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Hello Guys gt my lexus is200 year 1999 and i would really need your kind help and assistance as i no many of you guys have installed after market stearos ect and taken the original out the problem is that mine came with a after market cd mp3 player all fully working and everything but my sat nav never poped up so checked and was just a fuse and got my clock and others things connected to that fuse and now the sat nav does pop up motorised system is a ok and the cd is in the boot all get power but the only thing is i get no display or the lexus logo for the sat nav to come on the original plugs for the system are allintact and im not sure as was told they work with the original stereo but i dont believe this as iv seen many mods done were sat nav also works been trying to check everything but i no its just a simple or so bypass that is needed or power from either the loom or the original plug to get the display working and getting my sat nav back up and running any advice or help and if you no wich wires need to be reconnected or a bypass system so i can work on thos any help will be appreciated a lot Thank so much in Advance Respect i hope i can get this done by the wekend TYVM x

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