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New Wheels-Inmotion Centre Open Day Invite

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We take great pleasure in inviting members/ guests to the Wheels-inmotion and sister company BlackBoots grand opening of the new Milton Keynes centre.

After we forged a totally new experience for those seeking Alignment/ Geometry/ Tyres using some of the best equipment, staff and knowledge in our Chesham centre, it seemed logical to expand on this experience and go bigger, longer, wider and higher..... So we have.

Wheels-inmotion and BlackBoots new centre in Milton Keynes offers the following in it's 32,000sq ft, five story building

* Geometry calibration encompassing set-ups for domestic/ modified and race cars

* Handling/ tyre wear solutions

* Impact triangulation to identify damaged components

* Pre-purchase approval.... This identifies a damaged chassis before you hand over your money

* Suspension supply and calibration

* Brake service or up-grades

* Exhaust fitting

* Fitting your own parts is not a problem

In addition

* Tyre sales that can retail at online prices

* Tyres for Fiesta to Ferrari, Zafira to Zonda, if it's not in stock we will find it wherever in the World

* In the event you find tyres cheaper than we can supply ( which i doubt ) we will still fit them for you

* Laser driven tyre fitting machines that ( cannot damage your wheel )

* Dye-less wheel balance mounting for balance perfection with a printout to prove it

* Nitrogen inflation costing you a cool £0

In addition to the addition

* Wheel sales

* Wheel welding

* Wheel re-shaping

* Wheel re-refurbishment, using a fully automated, one of a kind machine in the world able to prefect 300 wheels a day ISO9000 compliant

* Wheel diamond cutting

* Custom colour coding/ change/ paint or powder, including partial diamond cut

* Milling to correct off-sets

* Billet milling... Wheel not avalible in your size? Then we will make it

About the open day

* Starts 10am till around 2pm, probably 4pm if past meets are to go by

* Hot food/ refreshments on site... I will bung £150 to the cook for you, after that you pay

* The entire experience is a "show and tell", so enjoy a meet on us

* We will have many exotic cars on site. In house we have two Xbow's, a Radical and a works Megane.. Not the Magan actually because it had a bit of a roll at Silverstone last week?

* Our race cars from BDC/ TA/ TS/ Ma5da on track will attend subject to race commitments

* The Maxxis girls will be with us for some eye candy and a few motor mags


* Atomic Wheels building

Unit 9 Northfield Drive

Milton Keynes


MK15 0DQ


Please note our signage will not be up by the 03/06/12 so you need to look for the Atomic signage

To the clubs/ forums

* Everyone is welcome, but in case i miss the thread can Admin/ mods please give me a heads up on numbers

Future club/ forum meets

* Wheels-inmotion/ BlackBoots do hold meets for individual clubs. These meets are free and follow a similar train as the open day. Those that would like a marque specific meet at Milton Keynes please contact me at

Further reading about wheels-inmotion can be found here


Past meets here


Thank you for your attention and look forward to seeing you on the 03/ 06/ 12


Tony@ wim

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