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Altezza Rs200 Servicing


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Quite new here and was thinking about getting an Altezza SXE10 (RS200) and was wondering about servicing.

A couple of questions that I hope someone could help me with:

Servicing in a Lexus garage, do you know of any Lexus garages that would take on the work? I'm in essex but I guess many other people may want to know in other areas. Perhaps people could post where they get their cars serviced??

Prices? What would they normally charge for a standard service?

Service Intervals?

One other question - Reliabillity? Has anyone had any problems with their Altezzas that could potentially put me off getting an import?

Cheers for your help


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Hi and welcome to the club...

3 things:

1. A few of the guys here have the RS200 and can probably answer your questions, one I know of lives in Chemlsford, so he would be able to help you.

2. Reliability, superb.. don't worry about that.

3. One of our Super Moderators specialises in getting Imports and reasonable prices (1-2 grand cheaper than normal UK importers), he isn't going to be around, but there is a thread here that will give you some idea.


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Thanks for your reply.

Well I know the IS' will be bullet proof but my concern would be with regards to the BEAMs tuned RS200's seeing as they run on higher octane fuel and since keeping them well maintained is probably a key factor, the garages doing the servicing would need to know what they were doing.

Wheres this gentleman from Chelmsford?! :)

The importing thread I've seen and have messaged him about it too. Good guy and some decent deals about. So thanks for pointing me in that direction! Is he a moderator here and is he a good guy?

Just out of curiousty whereabouts in wilts are ya?

We have relatives in Swindon.

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No probs mate,

BEAMs tuned RS200's seeing as they run on higher octane fuel

Feed it Optimax and it'll be fine.

Is he a moderator here and is he a good guy?

He's the club chairman.. and salt of the earth :winky:

Just out of curiousty whereabouts in wilts are ya?

Chippenham, just next door to Castle Combe :D

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Here's the chap from Chelmsford - without car at the mo as it's being de-dented (thank you Polo driver).

I get my car done at Hadleigh Lexus and they couldn't be happier (or at least that's the impression I get). I was going to use my local Toyota garage and they were prepared to have a go, but when I supplied the Chassis no they lost interest and never returned my call. Of course having an IS as a courtesy car is no bad thing... Sure beats a Yaris!

I service mine every 9K although I think it's sounding a little rough at the mo, I know some folk who service every 6, but I do 20K a year and I'd never be driving my car!

Hadleigh seem to be very keen to look after the car and I believe they have done some research on what to service, but then again I'm not sure how good their Japanese is!

Let me know if there's anything I can do?

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Optimax isn't as readily available where I am so will have to go with standard unleaded :unsure: Unless I put in Super!! But that = £££

Hmmm..... any thoughts? Would 95 ron be ok?

Yeah I know Castle Comb....... Went there for a day in a single seater about 5 years ago.... very fun and kinda get a feeling that your going a lot faster than you really are!!


Know I have you identified! I have a thousand questions I could pester you about, but heres a few start with! :P

Whereabouts is this dealer?? How much is a 9k service??

Do you use Optimax or super or standard?

How have you found the RS200?? I'm assuming its a comfortable car but with a more 'racer' edge to it compared to a standard IS200

Where did you purchase the car and any suggestions where? Fidgets has recommended Mat (Supracharged) and it's one option.

How long have you had the car? And what sort of mileage are you up to now?

Really must apologise for the stream of questions but I really am interested in getting one!



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