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Lexus Is Diesel Particulate Filter Dpf Problem / Solution

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Dear Steve

DPNR Regeneration is a process that is automatically carried out by the engine ECU whenever it believe its necessary and this is done by injecting extra fuel via the main injectors and injecting fuel into no4 cyl. Exhaust port via the 5th injector and for most people the engine ECU is quite capable of regenerating the DPNR Cat, if you find that you are commuting at slow speeds without the opportunity for the engine to run at 1600-2000rpm for a prolonged period then the soot particle can accumulate to such an extent that P2002 is illuminated and car may default to limp home mode .In this instance it may be possible to carry out a forced regeneration (pm) and (s) firstly to heat the DPNR Cat up to between 400-500degrees c and then to attempt to reduce the sulphur contamination by heating the Cat up between 500-600 degrees c but eventually the noble metals become consumed and the abi litity of the DPNR Cat to regen reduces until even after forced regen the cat still blocks .Most manufactures consider the DPNR Cat a consumable component with life cycle of 6yrs or approx. 60miles . The Cost of cleaning/replacing EGR and DPNR Cats should be incorporated into any running cost calculations when comparing with the running costs of Petrol/Hybrid Cars.

I am delighted that in your case Steve a Forced regeneration worked in this instance

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Hi everyone,

JUST had the same problem yesterday and got it fixed by myself today. Thanks for all the post upward!

I had the light on when I tried very hard on my first test drive yesterday. (just got my licence upgrade to manual)

Some conclusion:

First of all, DO NOT think that the DPF is blocked completetly, unless you can not get the engine run. Any running engine should be able to regenerate DPF. Try to do it, you won lose anything more.


According to my search on google and this thread, all the DPF cleaner work on other diesel car should also work on the IS220D. The only bit is my is220 goes into limp mode which couldn't let us run on motoway. I also dont think that revving on nuetral with high rev will help. I did this in 3k~5k rpm for 30min, no help at all.

Most of guideline recommend to run engine in high rev. They are right, high rev bring not only higher exhaust temperature, but also faster air flow.

However, this is not working on IS, because IS will got into limp mode once you make the air flow fast. What I was thinking (after restart 10+ time on the hardshouldre) is the IS knows DPF is blocking by 2 air pressure sensor (located in the front of DPF and the back). Higher air flow will bring bigger air pressure difference ; bigger difference will easier being notice by ECU. Thenit decide to enter the limp mode.

What I did is add Wynns DPF cleaner (coudnt buy BG244 locally but this also well reviewed) and go to the motoway, keep rev below 2000 rpm (5th on 60mph, 6th on70~80mph) and have a very long run (from Loughborough to London). I never have to pull over since I decide to run in low rev. I use a obd2 scanner to clear fault code after the first 30 mil, and it never comes out again.

At the last 20mils of the trip, I tried 4th gear on 80mph, @3000rpm for at least 10 mils. No code shows up! (which it caused the fault everytime before), I also trid hard acceleration 1st & 2rd gear to 5k rpm, and nothing happened. So the DPF is regenerated more or less. I got 48 MPG thought the trip (200 mils) with most above 75mph @6th gear.


Sorry for the language, I am not a English speaker. But I want to share with you :)


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Hi All, 

Just wondering if any one has had this DPF issue around Manchester area and has it successfully fixed by a garage that they can recommend. 

Thanks in advance 

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