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Ls400 With High Mileage: Still Good?

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I am planning on purchasing an LS400 with high mileage but I want to know, up to how high do they usually go on mileage before having lots of problems. Should I aim for something in the 60,000 mile range, or would it be a safe bet to get a cheaper car with around 80k miles?

You guys who own LS400s, or have in the past, how long did they go before you were having to pay $100 or more per month in repairs?

Thanks alot!!

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very strong motors mate.


if you do a search in the LS forum you will fnd an artical about a half million miler that is still used daily...

Off the record, If you get one under 60,000 you are gonna get stuck with a grand service bill for the cambelt and plugs. get one thats just been done and have 60000 miles of trouble free classy motoring.

Welcome the world of 1st class motoring!

Loz :zee:

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I once had a Vauxhall Carlton which I bought at 60,000.

The cruise control died very shortly after I bought it. The rear o/s window winder began to jam soon after that and the circuit to drive the windows died twice soon after that. Rear stop light blew a few times too. Fuel injection relay overheated meaning I had to sit on the hard shoulder for half an hour until it cooled down. Wonderful! Fuel pipe sprung a leak. Trim on LHS fell off.

The engine was OK. Peak torque at 2600 and economical. Transmission only lasted another 20,000 before the diff went.

What a dog. Consider, then 60~80K as an absolute worst case for a Toyota. Lexus will be even better if that's at all possible.

I owned a toyota previously. No problems whatsoever. My Lexus ditto and counting.

A programme on tv said Toyota build a corolla in the time it takes BMW to correct the build faults on their 3 series.

That's called "design for manufacture". If they've put that much effort into the manufacturing design considerations, just think how much they've put into the car functionality considerations.

In addition, Autocar's german sister magazine quoted a german manufacturere who said he was impressed with Lexus because they "adhere to agreed procedures". In other words no short cuts. No rule of thumb in choosing B*&(*&^y fuel pump relays.

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i own a '91 ls 400 with about 155k on the clock. i did 15k miles last year and it cost me 200 quid for 2 new tyres adn some front brake pads. it's just sailed through it's mot for the princely sum of 170 quid - some headlight bulbs, adjustment and brake bias adjustment. it was 1 owner when i bought it with 140k and flsh.

after another 11 months it will owe me exactly nothing. probably the cheapest car in servicing i've yet owned. petrol's a bit of a bugger though when you've got mu leaden left foot.

just make sure whatever you buy it's been looked after and that the records match the general condition.



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Other than depreciation considerations, there is not really a problem at this sort of mileage. I have had two 400s and sold them both in perfect nick when the miles got to the high seventies. I feel sure that they both would have just kept running forever (almost). I just got bored and wanted somthing newer, LS430 currently.

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