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Hi, my reversing camera has died, I was thinking of replacing it with a cheap / non lexus part.

At the boot to camera connector, there are 4 wires (2 black, 1 red, 1 white).

I have tested the connectors with a voltmeter, but can't find a voltage at all.

I am running the camera in diagnostic mode from the screen, when I select camera test, the screen turns white / grey, but I can't find a voltage at the camera. I'm assuming the red wire should be 12v ?

If anyone has a wiring diagram or knows what the wires are, please let me know. I am worried about running the kids/dog over while reversing. The blind spot is huge.

In case it matters, when the engine is running and I shift to reverse, the screen turns white/grey.

I have seen on eBay people selling 2nd hand camera controllers, is there a way to know which part I need, or if its a wiring issue?


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Every lexus cam I've come across has been 6v not 12v. Its possible just the voltage regulator has gone.

White is the signal and one of the blacks signal ground. You would have to try both - you will do no damage other than get a fuzzy picture. If you have a video player of any sort with a composite output (camcorder, portable DVD player, etc.) connect its output to the signal line and throw the car in reverse. If the picture comes up you know it is the supply at fault. Disconnect the camera to make sure its not gone short circuit and bringing the voltage down.

If it works with the signal and the supply voltage is there, probably your best bet is to buy another camera as mcleish suggests but you'd need to connect its power to the reversing lamp 12v supply rather than the original loom to the camera.

If there is no supply voltage, try introducing a 5v supply to the camera wiring (disconnect the power from the loom so it doesn't back feed). The cameras work fine on 5v. Then you can get a simple 5v regulator from ebay for a couple of quid tops. I don't know where the regulator is on the RX but if you can't find it, you could always wire the 12v side to the reversing lamp, then the 5v to the exisiting camera.

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Ok, thanks for your comments. I removed the old camera, and realised on the back of it, it had the worst corrosion I have ever seen. It was like it had been in salt water.

I found a guy advertising on eBay "breaking rx300."

Normal camera prices seem (second hand) about £200.

I got it off this guy for £60. It works perfectly, and I am very happy. I would recommend to anyone else needing a camera, don't search for the camera, but find someone advertising they are breaking a car. I guess they don't research prices as much.

The part number for the camera is 86790-48020. My car is a 2003, the car my new one came off is a 2006, so I assume all rx's use this part number. If you don't know, there is a sticker on the camera telling you your part number.

Cheap fix= happy owner. Ps lexus seem to want £700 for this part! Lol

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