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New Lexus Model

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Hi all,

I have query that your thougths or knowledge may be able to assist me in. I am relocating to another country for 6 months and as such am thinking about selling my car, 1999 IS200. Don't really want to be paying off a car that sits in the garage for 6 months gaining dust and losing value. Anyway I was looking at getting a new car next year, have narrowed it down to 3 models:

A new IS

Subaru Liberty GT (new model B4 replacement)

Falcon XR6 turbo or GT ( aussie people will know about this car)

Now I know that my choices other than a Lexus are a compromise on "ownership feeling", I have yet to see or hear about any after car service, care or satisfaction that comes close to a Lexus. The other 2 choices are based on performance improvement, Subaru.. and shear fun factor.. Falcon

My question is does anyone know anything about the new IS due next year, release, specs, price increase/decrease etc... When I get back next year the Liberty and the Falcon will be available but the I don't think the Lexus is due until last qtr. I don't want to buy a current model Lex on return to only wish I had waited and also don't have much patience when it comes to waiting ... I will only be able to survive on a interim car for a SHORT while before the buying bug bites... I think dumping the current IS now will be good because trade in prices will drop when the new model arrives, unless it is really bad!!

Your thoughts appreciated

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I must confess,the new XR6 turbo is a nice machine-I've always preffered the Holdens but this new Ford is a beast!

Not too familiar with release dates or specs for new IS's but you bring some valid points up,especially for those of us "down under".

Will ask the fellow Australasian Lexus owners their thoughts also,or visit us at NZ L.O.Cto get our members feedback also.

I also would be keen on knowing the release dates for the new IS in this part of the world-a visit to Mr Lexus Dealer tomorrow I feel......


Gav B)

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I thought the release was going to be '05 aswell but reading the local Motor magazine ( pipeline section ) it has the IS200/300 down as facelifted in 2004... maybe more news will filter in during my 6 month decision period.

Whilst in a dark corner, wearing a disguise and having my voice altered to protect my identity I MIGHT be able to admit that the HSV product has SOME good points, I don't think I would live it down! I have been a too avid Ford supporter for many years. It was a major shock to people when I went to Lexus, but my justification of a better depriciation rate and not too many of them on the road worked.. plus it is different market of car.. and one word sums up the Lexus for me.. HANDLING

The XR6 Turbo... hard to go past a car that for under $50k comes standard with 240kw and for around $2k of mods can have 300kw+ . In 6 months time who will knows what they (tuners) will do with this car ...

So what I really need is a new IS( looks, service, class), with the power of XR engine ( not the wieght though) and 4WD from the Sube.. all for under $60k.. tell me.. am I asking too much!!! :D

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Bam-Bam, goodluck at the dealer! I went to the RX330 launch in Adelaide earleir this year and asked the question on the new IS, his response was that I would probably know before him! they only get the news apparntly around the same time as us.. or maybe he really thought the SC430 I was looking at was obtainable to me and just wanted to make me go that route.. fool..:)

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It may well get facelifted next year, but I understand the new IS will be out in 05 and it will be a completely new platform (ie not a facelift).

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Guys in the US are talking about the 05 model as the all new model. Their next year models normally appear around October time the year before so maybe we will see something in 15 months time.

Minor changes for 04. Different paint colours etc.

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I was at the local Lexus dealership this afternoon - (dreaming of the day I buy a lovely IS B) ) and the centre manager said that the all-new IS is due out in 2006. I mentioned the things I'd heard on here about 2005 - and he said it may be released for sept 05, but didn't seem too confident.

Anyway suppose I better get back to searching for a bargain! :hehe:

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The GS is due for a replacement before the IS. Once the new GS is out I would guess the IS will appear 12 months later. Maybe Lexus will launch in the middle of the year from now on like they did with the RX. June 04 for the GS and June 05 for IS???

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