Importing Lexus Ct200H To Scotland

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I went through the forum but couldn't find up to date answers to my problem. I am moving soon to Scotland. Aberdeen area to be more precise. I have to import my LHD version of CT200h to UK. So please no answers like sell the car before moving. Not an option.

I asked from Lexus Aberdeen about the conversion:

- Headlight alignment

- Speedometer to show MPH also

- Rear fog light

Couldn't get an answer yet. So I decided to search the net myself. Pretty much all the garages I found from here are located far away from Aberdeen.

So would somebody have experiences about garages that do import conversion in Scotland/Aberdeen for Lexus/Toyota? Or just are good at conversion. Got one offer from Norfolk for £1,000. But that is a long way from Scotland.

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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

I asume that the car is a permanent import so will be registered in the UK.

I'm not sure if the beam pattern is switchable on the CT but if not you will either have to replace the headlights with RHD versions or if acceptable as a permanent fix headlight beam convertors.

Speedometer conversions are normally done by fiting a small electronic gizmo behind the dash and wiring it into the speed sensor input/output, mine was done in Blackpool Lancashire but should be available nationwide.

What is strange is that UK specification models have a dual dial MPH/KMH speedometer as standard.

The rear fog light conversion is more involved if you want to prevent the car looking ugly with a retrofit fog light mounted on the rear, mine was done before I got it again by the company in Blackpool.

I'm no expert so I don't know if VOSA will need to see the vehicle, if it is over 3 years old it will need an MOT and the rear fog light and headlight alignment are part of that test.

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Thanks for the answer. I have tried to get somebody from Toyota (Lexus) maintenance to give me an estimate about this conversion but haven't heard back. What is the company that you used in Blackpool? Do you have some sort of idea how much these modification should cost?

I got actually a pretty good package offer from these guys:

Can't find so much information about that company.

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I'll try and find the paperwork for the Blackpool company.

From what I can gather cars imported from other EU countries don't need an IVA so just need an MOT if over 3 years old and UK registration.

Probably the most expensive thing is going to be replacing the headlight units if they cannot be adjusted electronically/electrically.

The others, speedo conversion and a rear fog conversion should be a doddle for any decent auto electrician.

On mine it was just a case of fitting an electronic convertor behind the cluster and then putting a MPH sticker over the KPH sticker and two of the rear stop lights were converted to fog lights by using a relay and a dash switch.

This company comes highly recommended from other forums and is local so may be worth contacting.

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