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Supercharged questions


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You guys who have S/C's fitted:

My IS200 is loosening up nicely now (6.5K in 3 months) but I really like the idea of more grunt.

I gather that the S/C kit comes with a piggyback ECU? - are there any other remapping requirements, or does it just plug in?

Are there any downsides in terms of driveability, or is it all good news?

What did your insurance co. say when you told them & how did it affect your premium?

How much is your fuel cons. affected - I'm doing over 2K a month, so I don't wanna kill my MPG too much.

What's the impact as far as warranties? I mean do you lose the warranty on the engine? What about the transmission (6 sp man) etc?

Would you recommend bigger rubber - I have standard wheels/tyres and no LSD.

Are there any worthwhile other steps (air filter/exhaust/AFC etc) that I could make beforehand without going the whole hog?

Sorry about all the questions!

Thanks in advance.

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it is a bolt in aplication,the factory ecu is used,ther is some minor rewiring within it, to remap the sensors

the fuel consumption certinally goes up,but i dont think by much,bigger rubber is your own discretion,i went for it purely for asthetics and because my goal is around 300bhp

the g-box will take the power no problem,as will all other aspects of the car mechanically,as far as warrentys goes my is warrented by TTE IN GERMANY THE FACTORY THAT BUILDS THEM

i know thet Morph had his fitted by TDI in London,im not sure on there warrenty

he has also had a few problems with his,the reason is not known,however i sent to Morph the ECU wireing plans as supplied by TTE, and TDI say that theres is different...............

i woukld personally say that if you can get the time off, and can get to TTE, THEN HAVE THEM FIT IT

My insurance was not really affected only my exccess went up

im sure that TDI do a piggy back ECU that works on the non s/c engine


if you have any other questions ,do ask;):cool:

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Thanks for the info!

As far as remapping the sensors goes, is it simply wiring changes, or is there any tuning/reprogramming required do you know?

I was kind of thinking of fitting myself (being mechanically & electrically competent) - unless someone tells me it's a no-no.


What kind of problems did you experience? Did (or will) the new wiring solve your problems?

Thanks again.

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the kit can easily be fitted by yourself,i do have the fitting instructions if you need them,there is no mapping required,the problem morph has had,which i have been told by TTE Today was that TDI was working of a MK1 supercharger wiring diagram

the first supercharger had a problem with cat melt down as the fuel was cut at max RPM

The second supercharger wiring rectifies this by NOT cutting fuel as you hit the redline

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Hi Lexicon, the problems I had were some management faults showing, TDi have corrected this, it was down to either some dry solder or a wire that was to tight and pulled on acceleration. The car is stunning now, I would recommend a HKS Hyper muffler Rear box (8-15 bhp+) and a spring upgrade like the eibach superchargedis200 and I have as the handling and sound are sweet. I have standard 17" on my car and all is fine. As for LSD could be usefull if you drive it hard.

As Nike say 'just do it'.

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it looks nice...................:D

As good a reason as any!!

Thanks for the info guys.

The temptation is enormous, so I guess that means it'll happen sooner or later :D:D

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Supercharged is right that the waranty is provided by TTE on the compressor. but I think to put it more in detail the warantee on the car is still provided by Lexus unless the car is older than two years. After that no one wants to give gurantee on that. At least that is what they have told me.

Secondly about insurance, there should not be any differences because here in Germany, and I am talking aobut German, we have the class system. The insurance is not anymore dependent on HP. They are classified in classes. So the type IS200 still remains a IS200 after you have modified a compressor. It won't change the car. So you would not expect any rise on your insurance policy.

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