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Is 200 Sport

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ive had it before... but i do drive an old mans car .. its not an IS200 though

The LS400 started it all off as it was driven by wealthy directors.. who were old!


you should say that she is married to a sugar daddy.. a wealthy one at that! :winky:

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The Lexus 'brand' does have an old-man image.. due to the LS400/430 drivers... but the IS is certainly not... I'm 26 and have one... and my 24-year-old g/f loves it (trying to talk me out of a GS cos she thinks the IS looks better...)

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I am at the older end of the membership but what attracts me to the Lexus 200 is that it is a car for people with a bit of get up and go spirit. It is this spirit which keeps older owners young in outlook and I would certainly say that the club is not ageist.

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Lexus as an old-man car image because of GS and LS that were to take Mercedes market. The IS as not been made in the same way. Just look at the USA, lots of IS owners are under 25 and so am I :)

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Just like B.B i to am at the upper end of the membership and i get a lot of comments

from younger people that the 'IS' is stylish,smart looking and COOL and surprised at the

level of equipment that comes as standard,try buying a B*W with the same level of

comforts for the same cant be done believe me. :shutit: :shutit:

The people that call it an Old Mans Car are those that have never driven one.

(not a dig at wifey just a personal view) :winky:

p.s. im 43 B)

cant believe i've given my age away :whistling::whistling:

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I used to get a lot of stick from people when I told them I was looking to buy a Lexus. An old mans car, they use to tell me. :angry: When I bought one and showed them, they soon started loving it and I think I have changed the image of a Lexus amongst my friends and family :P I drive an IS and do think the Lexus brand has come along way since the launch of the IS. B)

I think this POLL says it all. Majority of the club members here are in their 20's or 30's. I would not say Lexus is an old mans car. :zee:

PS I'm 26 :winky:

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disagree wit that statement for the IS anyways as i had mine wen i was 19 and im 20 now!!! alternative to a 3series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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At 30 I seem to be the youngest GS owner. Fortunately I think and drive like an IS owner.

The open road sessions tell the story. LEXUS is aimed at the older generation with the LS and SC in mind. the fact that the RX and IS exist is testemony to the fact that they recognise the "yummy mummy" market and the gap created by the now stagnant Golf GTI and BMW 3 series that is over priced and overwieght...

THe GS by the way is aimed at no feckker and that is why they never sell them. they are as obscure as they are ugly. but I still love mine and would only change it for the 430 sport. It would pain me to turn down the SC but I know how bad it would be on my long runs... and the LS is still an aspirational model for me. when I am in my forties and/or retired it wll be my easy rider..

Loz :zee:

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