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Now here is a simple question. Where is it?

After consuming some pepermints ( after a nice cigar of course) a bit of silver wrapping fell into my lighter without me noticing. Next time i plugged in my phone charger the fuse popped.

I have looked everywhere for a blown fuse without success. At my pensionable age i know my eyesight is not as good as it was but it cannot be that difficult to find . Can It?

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You don't give the year of your GS so I am assuming it is in the same place on all models.

It should be located on the driver's side facing the top of the accelerator pedal so if you look at the pedal and then turn your head 90 degrees to the right you will see it.

It has a cover over it which just unclips to reveal the fuses.

I have no information as to which fuse it will be but normal Toyota protocol means the fuses are listed on the underside of the cover and the fuse is normally marked as CIG strangely enough.

There is normally a little plastic tool in there to pull out and reinsert the fuses if not use some long nosed pliers.

Rating is normally 10A which IIRC is coloured blue and is a standard blade fuse, if you hold the fuse into good light you will be able to see if the link has fused.

If you haven't already done so remove the foil in the cigar lighter before replacing the fuse.

If for some strange reason the fuse is in the engine bay fusebox this is located at the rear of the Battery.

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Spot on found it and thank you very much.. Doctor has just left after fitting me with a neck brace as lying across the cill and trying to focus on the fuses whilst angling the torch in the right direction and removing the fuses has caused a problem.

Seriously thanks very much for your help. I do not post much as having had the car 3 years and taking the mileage past 110 k still nothing ever goes wrong with it. Brilliant car. brilliant quality, 40mpg on a run, extreme comfort. OH JOY>

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