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Got to my car this morning and vsc light cam on and the big red triangle ..... Wepoooooo

Also had my ecu engine light on for an age ....... And this is what I did to sort it

1; Disconnect Battery ten mins or longer

2; Reconnect the beast

3; Enter vehicle

4;Close door

5;Bottom left knee under dash obd connector white plug

6; Get a paper clip and put it in 3rd pin from left top and the other end in 5th pin from left bottom

7;Turn ignition to on( do not start)

8; Abs and suspension lights and triangle flash and vsc test comes up on display

9; While waiting patiently , retune your radio and climate preferences take your time, you need about two mins. Sing along to your favourite tune

10; Turn ignition off

11; Remove freindly paper clip

12; Restart car .... Tada done

If it doesn't do what it says on the tin, try again, or you may have a fault..... Mine came on after a heavy days snowing so it could have been moisture??? Who knows

And I thankyou , for my next trick I will pull a rabbit from my rear fridge

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Well assuming you have an issue with the car, this will clear it for a couple of days and will return later on when the correct parameters are flawed again.

On the other hand I had the same issue with a that light coming on when driving in the snow. Car was slipping and going up a steep hill.

Engine off and on cleared it all up.

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Yeah that's why I put if there's a fault it won't clear properly it will come back

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