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Need Some Networking Help


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Im trying to set up a wireless broadband router to offer internet access to an existing network

the broadband wireless system works fine on its own

and the installed office network works fine on its own too

but when i have both the wireless cards and the ethernet cards activated at the same time only the office network will work

if i disable the office network then the internet access works.

the bb router is set to DCHP

is there a way to have both co existing and configure email and internet explorer to use just the wireless connection ?

it seems that ie is getting the network infomation from the wired connection first.

most of the pc's are using NT4.0 and a few have win2k or xp

Hope some of you guys are network wizards

:hocus-pokus: :hocus-pokus: :hocus-pokus:

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You mean you have both wired + wireless in each pc ?

If so, i'd guess whichever card is first up would work.

It'd receive it's IP address from the router / dhcp server and go from there.

You'd probably need to have a seperate range of addresses for wired + wireless.

Just thinking out loud here :duh:

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My first guess would be that if your BB router is acting as a proxy, then you haven't got it specified as the proxy in the Internet Explorer settings on the PCs you're trying to access the Internet with?

What make/model of BB router is it?

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Ok here goes

at work we have a full network of 30 odd computers they are all connected to the linux box which hosts the stock system

all that works fine

they wanted to add BB to some of the computers and were going to get extra phone lines installed for each computer so it could have its own broad band connection

so me being me suggested we buy a netgear adsl wireless broadband router and 4 pci wireless network cards to supply the broadband to all four computers from just one phone line.

so far I have had the internet working on one of the computers but only if i disable the office network to that computer

if i have both connections enabled it seems the office network takes priority over the wireless one and stops the internet access from working.

I had the ADSL router set up as DCHP originally which the computer could see and all the ip's etc were working with no conflicts but the two connections would not work together

I set up the PC manually to the same ip as what the automatic settings were and put in all the infomation by hand and for a while both worked at the same time, great i thought. then i rebooted the pc and it stopped working again.

Im sure it's something pretty simple that i've missed out.

I have spent all day on it but still no lasting luck

thanks for the help guys :)

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You have no need for the wirless lan cards. Leave them out and plug your bb router lan side into an existing hub connected on the network.

Make sure the router is on the same subnet as the rest of the wired network. i.e, if the existing network is 192.168.100.x, make sure the router is set with the same first three octets. (assuming your subnet mask is

Your must have your default gateway on the workstations set to the same IP address as your BB router. Set your DNS accordingly. (With some routers, it won't forward DNS so you may have to put your ISP dns settings in, not the router ip)

Sit back and drink your coffee with a smug look on your face.

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Thanks Geoffers amazing help :)

the subnet mask is will that be a problem?

and also when you say plug the BB router into a hub, could i Unplug one of the cables that goes to a computer, plug it into the BB router and plug the BB Router into the pc again using another cable like a pass thru ?

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