220D Turbocharger Upgrade

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I want to get more power from my motor a have been searching around what is the best way to go about it.

I see that is very common in the vag forum the swap to a bigger turbo. E.g. In a 140 tdi motor to fit a 170 horse turbo.

Based on that I'm looking at the 3.0 d4d hilux turbos but they seem to be producing less power than the 2.2 motor. They produce 170 bhp. So I guess we need to look at 4.5 v8 d4d turbos that produce 203 horses I think.

For now this is only a thought, so haven't check fitment or anything else.

Any thoughts or feedback would be highly appreciated.



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If you manage to fit a bigger turbo to your LEX.
How will you control the timing of it?

ECU cannot be remapped.

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Alvi its just a thought, I want more power so that I can make the car more fun to drive.

Do you have any ideas or recommendations?

If I don't reach the 230-240 hp mark within the next 6 months I will put it up for sale and get a 635d.

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If you want to stick on a bigger turbo in order to get 230-240 bhp, you should seriously consider upgrading you engine cooling system and a much bigger intercooler as the one on the 220d is very small and is hidden from view basically. I would also look at a new head gasket before doing anything.

Alvo is right about the timing. You will be able to get the hp you're looking for but to do it right would cost you a small fortune and if you don't do it right you're looking at a 5k minimum bill for an engine rebuild. I'd forget it matey, you'll be leaving yourself open to a lot of heartache.

If you don't mind me asking, if you wanted that sort of power, why did you go for the 220d in the first place? There are plenty alternatives out there.


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