Lexus Glasgow Do It Again

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Just thought I would share this nugget with you all.As some of you know I had an experience with Lexus Glasgow last year that turned out better than I could have hoped (cambelt change) and after care.
Well since then the car as done 3500 miles and I thought with some wear occuring on the outside edge of front nearside there was a tracking problem,I had a tracking problem on my Mark 1 years ago and it took several goes at then local garages to get it sorted properly.Not wanting to go through that scenario again I booked it in at Lexus Glasgow for this morning.
Dropped off car went into Bonnie rainy Glasgow for Lunch and came back after lunch to pick car up.
Key ceremony with Lovely Andrea and two coffees with Jackie and valeted washed car waiting at front door .Went to pay bill Reply ;No charge tracking not required tyre wear normal.Thank you and goodbye.
We read so many different views from customers of Lexus dealerships so its nice to be able to report the best of them to this forum.

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