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Is200 Clutch Judder... "fixed".

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After little googling, I found something else:

2000.05~2002.03 13450-70010 (¥73500) AISIN
2002.03~2002.08 13450-70011 (¥73500) AISIN
2002.08~生産終了 13450-0W030 (¥53000) LUK

Based on source, they just changed supplier and that could explain the price difference. I'm going to replace my clutch on Monday and also check FW type (IS200, year 2004). I'm 99% sure it has DMF.

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Let us know the outcome, the change in supplier may well explain the cost difference however I'm surprised that Toyota paid over the odds for so long, even if they do part own Aisin.

If it does have a DMF then it probably means all UK IS200s did, and for people that have discovered a normal flywheel then it was possibly changed during a previous ownership.

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It has DMF, 100% confirmed. I was lucky that is still in good condition so they just replaced the clutch. If I would have to change the FW, I will definitely buy an aftermarket solid FW. I don't know why they put the DMF at first place. There is no logical reason for putting it in low torque, hi-revving engine like 1GFE.

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Really old thread, but worth an update for anyone else looking for an answer to this. I had really bad clutch judder on my is200, which had had a clutch replacement before I got it. Fearing the DMF was worn, I avoided the bill for a while and just got used to driving it as it was.

My car later developed a vibration at motorway speeds and I diagnosed this as the prop shaft centre bearing mount having too much movement in it.

I bought a new mount and went to fit it, but noticed that the new mount didn't feel any stiffer than the original one. I did however notice that there is quite a bit of adjustment built in to the two mounting bolt holes for the centre mount, and figured the prop could simply be out of alignment. I adjusted it to the opposite side of the car from where it was bolted up when the clutch had been changed, and this has completely transformed the car. Not only has the vibration gone, but the clutch judder has gone too. 

Problem solved for zero cost, just check your propshaft alignment!

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I think the general consensus seems to be... burn the clutch a little and it goes away. When I bought my IS200 last winter, I had the same issue. After burning the clutch a little, I haven't had a problem since! 😁

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