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Fitting aftermarket Sat nav in IS200

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I bought my car as a 6month old ex demo & it didnt have sat nav. So after trying to get one fitted at lexus they told me lexus wont do it unless you order it from new!! What!!!! Anyway got a VdoDayton system fitted which is great apart from one thing..There is nowhere to fit the screen without it getting in the way. Ive tried to get the orig mounting from lex but they are about as much help as a chocolate teacosy! Anybody else had the same prob & come up with a soloution??

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you need to find out the part number of the mount and just order it in the parts dept.

Also look on ebay and places like that.. i have seen one for sale a while back

I get sick of when dealers cannot be assed to serve you because the parts cost bugger all.

If you dont have much joy I am sure another dealer would be happy for your custom.

You should try and get one from Japan from an Altezza.. try calling Toyota and see if they can find the part in their Jap Parts catalogue.

You could always submit a review of your experiences with your dealer here:

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Cheers I'll give the other ideas a go! at first my local dealer said that the part couldnt be ordered. so I said to him'are you telling me that if I had the orig system in here & someone broke into my car & stole it..then you wouldnt be able to replace the part?' he said' well I dont know it's never happened?' They are a reasonable dealer, but like you said sometimes they just cant be bothered unless your buying a car!! He said a week ago he'll look into it!! : )

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Just to let anybody know who is interested in doing what i wanted to......despite everywhere i went saying it was impossible to fit a different screen into the lexus centre console screen mount....I did it!!!!!:smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin: I picked up the screen mount from a breakers yard...took it to bits....took my aftermarket screen to bits...fitted it in...a few slight mods were required but Im no 'Mr diy' & I managed it! & just ran the original cable from the new screen through the mount! works great & the navigation system is better than the lexus one!!! Easy!! After all it is a screen mount for gods sake!!:lol:

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cars having Gbox done at the mo :sniff: but when its back I'll whip it out & take a few pics & post them.

by the wanted to charge me £3000 for the screen mount!!!! & I got it for a few hundred quid from the breakers!

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Share on other sites is the genuine motorised open/closing/tilting mount that you get in the IS's when you order them with sat nav from new. The trouble with the is range is that there is nowhere to mount the screen without it obstructing your vision....thats why i wanted the genuine lexus one..because not only can you have it open with no looks & works the biz + looks origanal equipment.

Ive attached a picture of an altezza with the screen mount

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