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Just a question - not a problem for a change.....

Would I be correct in thinking that when you reset the ECU on the 250 (by whatever means you do this) that this affects the car when driving while in the "drive" mode only and not the paddle shift manual mode?

I was thinking this as the car makes its "own mind up" on how to drive when in drive mode after an ECU reset until it settles down (learns the driving style)

But when driving it in manual mode (using paddle shift) after an ECU reset whereby the driver is in in control and not the car then it feels as responsive as it should.

I think the above makes sense?!

If I am correct in that then you can judge how well the ECU has "learned" your driving style by comparing it to when in the paddle shift manual option by how responsive it is in that mode ....

It makes sense to think this but am I barking up the wrong tree???!!

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