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Can anyone read Japanese??

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I've just got some PIAA Extreme White bulbs, which are for both HB3 and HB4 fitting. It looks from the (Japanese) leaflet that you have to do something with the red and black rings to set the lamp to HB3 or HB4, but I can't read Japanese - could anyone help me please??

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Originally posted by andyhart21

Post a scan of the leaflet Rodders and I will get my girlfriend to try and translate it. She did Japanese for a year at uni and she still has all the books:tumble:

Thanks Andy - and please thank your girlfriend too. I'm interested in what the black / red rings are for. The bulbs are for use in BOTH 9005 (high beam) AND 9006 (low beam) and I need to know if the rings are just for sealing, or if they affect focus.

A link to the scan is below - thanks again!!;)

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much better scan, this time! ;)

Here you get the information important for you (the other text is just the usual safety and product info):

If you are using the bulb for a lamp, that requires 9006/HB4 bulbs, do the following steps:

Use a thin device to remove the red ring, as shown in the picture. Put the black ring into the furrow, where the red ring has been attached before.

That was all about the rings.

Hope, I could help you. :cool:


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