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hi people,

could someone tell me what's this final gear kit about? is it the whole gears system??

thanks in advance:)

Hi John,

the final gear kit basically refers to the ratio of the diff. By changing this, you can alter the spread of all the gears (5sp AT or 6sp MT) to give higher top-end (at the cost of acceleration) or vice -versa.

So the guys with Turbo/Superchargers might want to increase the final drive to increase top speed and make the lower gears a bit more useful :smilegrin:

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hello!! i finally install my 4.778 final gear in my 6MT IS200 and i can really feel 1 -4 gear are very good and improve a lot but i find that my top speed only got about 170km - 180 km and is 6000rpm already so cannot go further! anyone have idea how to improve the top speed back about 200km?

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Hi te37 altezza,

You can't have both low end & high end torque together with the final gear. Your top speed of 170-180km is very poor as TRD 328 had better top speed with 5.1 final gear. As your final gear kit is 4.7, I though that you will be getting better top speed that 5.1 final gear kit.

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His speedo reading is a bit wrong.. but I'll guess his top speed might be 190km/h.

The 5.1 should have a lower top speed than 4.7 gearing.

other factors coming into play is the speed limiter fitted onto our cars.

I haven't done any top speed testing after the turbo.. don't wanna push the enigne too hard...

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what u mean speed limiter? I have try my top speed more then 200km can still going!! but now the problem is after the 4.778 final gear my top is around 170-180km i guss ( in my dash board is show 200km ) the RPM is around 6000rpm already we cannot go after 6200rpm right? can remove???

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