How To Fit "snail" Horns

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I've searched web looking for instructions how to wire these up as i bought a pair hi/low to replace originals that came without instructions all i found was videos of trucks with massive ship and train horns on. I could only see 1 short video of something similar but it had a whole load of wires including to the Battery and a relay ? Do i need to go with this as i was hoping they were just plug n play as i hate fiddly wiring jobs. They have 2 terminals (not marked) and the bracket bar which i guess is the earth ?

Any ideas/diagrams


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Hi if they have 2 terminals that will probebly be live and earth so the bracket is just to secure the horn to car try powering them up direct from the Battery first before install to see if they work. If so then just use the original horn wiring supplied

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