Alloy Or Steel Wheel Nuts.? For Aftermarket Alloys.

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To start off, just purchased some very nice ROTA Sub-Zero's for my is200. There 18" 7J 5x114.3 and in gum-metal with the chrome lip :)

Anyways i'm after some new wheel nuts as standard ones will not fit, looking on the usual sites 'eBay' and it all looks nice and flash but its rather cheep and that 90% are made from alloy, after looking on afew motor forums there apparently bad news! Apparently.. all advise to go for Steel nuts.

Looked online for the steel nuts and there all priced up over £120+!!!! not cheep..

Having said that you cant put a price on safety, especially as i have 2 children who occasionally travel in the car. Am i better off getting Steel nuts???

Any insight on the alloy nuts or if anybody has info on comparing the 2 then please share :)

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Exactly as you say chap. I wouldn't and don't skimp on anything safety related on cars (tyres/brakes/wheels etc) especially now I have a daughter.

Get steel ones fella.


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