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Hi there, I opened the navigation screen box and could see on the electronic board an unused four wire plug... It really seems a touch panel 4 wire plug. The problem is I can't recognize if there's a touch panel controller over there. And in case of positive response I don't know if it can drive any type of touch panel or need drivers. It depend on the operative system. Anyone of you knows about it? My conclusions are that if they placed there a 4 wire plug it could be the same board as gs300 7" screen or in alternative If someone there has a touch panel from the gs I could try to fit and discover if it works... I also have the voice command system from Toyota/Lexus Japan and would be great to drive the nav with voice and touch.

Any help is welcome. Thanks


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    • By BlackLexus1
      Hoping to get some advise on upgrading my IS 250 Sat Nav. It’s a 2010 vehicle so I need to upgrade the disc. I’ve googled but have found a lot of waste of time sites.
    • By olliesgrandad
      Whenever I start my car the navigation screen greets me with the navigation menu which l have to exit out of if l don't want to use sat nav. 
      This wasn't the case with my Is and looks can't find anything in the menus to alter this. 
      Any ideas very welcome. 
    • By Overland

      Apologize in advance for my bad English, I want to share some this situation, hope to have some suggestion.

      I have experienced strange behavior of the multimedia system on my two weeks old IS300H MY2017 Premium.
      In few words, with the previous IS300H I had (MY2013) after the welcome message, the navigator screen appeared without any data entry window, ie: it was ONLY the map, the user who needed to enter a destination went to MENU and started the process.

      Also, with the previous IS when using the reverse gear, the screen of course changed with the camera view, and when it returned to Drive gear, the screen come back to the previous setting screen (Maps, Radio, etc.) now in whatever way the display is set (such as Radio or the air conditioning screen or any other option available) when I come back to drive gear the screen go back always on the maps, with the annoying menu open on the screen.
      So I have to go out form map screen, go back to the general menu, select again the radio or any other screen I have set.
      I hope the movie uploaded can help better than my poor English.
      Could someone tell if is possible to change this setting?
      I've clearly downloaded the detailed multimedia manual from the Internet (the one in the car is poor and almost does not talk about multimedia, just a few generic pages) but they do not mention this thing, I suspect there is another bug in the software of my multimedia system, as the same of the connected services (from Lexus still is not responding me) ... anybody can help me to understand if this is normal for the new software or are willing to try in his car?

      Thank you in advance!

    • By Arqum
      Hi all,
      Does anyone know how to change the date and time on the navigation system? It's on the pre facelift version I want to know. I've looked at the manual and found the time zone setting but even adjusting that it's not correct. It's bugging me bigtime!
    • By Lexus4Me?
      At last
      The Lexus Portal reports an update for the navigation on my GS450h Premier Gen4 (2012)! It now gives 02-16-50 as the latest version for my EMVN (11HDD) model navigation. I still have the original 2012 version (12-02-00 (2011-11-0) installed but the up to date version when I bought the car was 2015-05-1 which indicates they seem to have changed the version naming format. Establishing what the latest update is seems difficult and inclines me to wonder if the information one receives is always accurate. The garage where I bought the car claimed that they could supply me a updated data from early 2016 but the Lexus Portal has remained with the 2015-05-01 until very recently. I contacted Lexus tech staff through the Portal but they just referred me back to the garage. One wonders if the tech staff don't know who does.
      I'm tempted to get this latest update since I have a deal with the garage to get it at half price because of a misunderstanding when I bought the car but £80 is still quite a chunk of cash for a piece of software which will soon be out of date on fairly clunky bit of kit (although the GS screen is great and I like the voice guidance). Google Maps on my mobile seems brilliant - I can even tell it verbally to provide the route to somewhere and it does it quite well. I also understand that Sygic is good for Android at about £17.50 - £29 depending if one wants only European maps or World coverage and either the standard system or the one with Traffic information (The maps can be downloaded and don't need an internet connection - I think the latter is only needed for Traffic).
      So how can I get my mobile screen displayed on the car's screen and controlled by the car's remote touch/steering wheel? Viastech provided a system for the Gen 3 GS and I've picked up rumours about BeatSonic, MirrorLink and Grom but don't know anything about them. Has anyone experience or advice on how to do this and how well it works? I like the Lexus screen and I don't really want to have to clamp the phone to the car and have charging wires draping all over my lovey interior.