Can Anyone Identify This Rattle?

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Hi all,

I got my car serviced last oct/nov, full service and cambelt change. Just recently this noise bit like a ratlle/tap has started happening, sometimes its worse than others. But its always worse on startup and gets a bit quieter after running for a mile or so.

There are no warning lights on, car is 12 years old is200. 70000 miles.

i think you can identify it quite well at 32 seconds and past 2 mins, the noise is most identifable from inside the cabin which i failed to get but can get if it helps.

Cheers in advance for any help.

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Listening to the video...

Its sounds like oil starvation to the top end, i.e the lifters tapping,

On any other car i would say strip the head down and replace the lifters and possibly the cams depending on the wear on the lobes?

How ever i have not heard of the problem on the is??

Possibly the oil pump starting to break down?

First things first have you checked the oil???

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Hope it has been resolved. Could it be water pump? I had a similar noise on mine a while ago I used a long handled screwdriver to listen to the horrendous noise coming from the steel pipe running from the back of the water pump towards the manifold covers. The water pump itself didnt sound too bad!

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