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Flat Battery Caused Key To Stop Working

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Last year I brought my Dad a 2006 IS200d. Today he rang to say that his Battery was dead and that a warning light said that the boot wasn't closed properly. He's sure he did close it so was surprised to fine this problem. This is the start of the problem!!

He's managed to get in the car with the key override, but as the Battery was absolutely flat as a pancake it has caused the key to become unpaired from the car.

He's had the Battery on charge for 5 hours but it still won't start because the key isn't paired properly. I've read a few forums that talk about reprogramming the key but they all mention putting the key in the ignition. He's doesn't have an ignition because it is a push button start stop.

Please can anybody help?

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If the key is the issue, then pressing the start button should say something like 'key not detected' or similar on the dash.. If this is what is happening then it could be that the batteries for the fob have died or for whatever reason the fob is not being detected. I doubt it has become unpaired.

He should try and hold the key next to the start button and then giving the start button a push. See video below.

If nothing happens on the dash when the start button is pressed then the car Battery is probably dead and charging it has not made a difference.

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