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Hi guys,

I have recently had a prang in my car and had to get a new dash, now the reading on this and the actual milage amount is about 40k out? is there a way of adjusting the dash reading without just removing the cable from the back for a bit :question:

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I thought it could be adjusted, I heard somewhere that you could change the voltage??

The easiest thing is to disconnect the cable, but I don't really want to drive around with no speedo... as there are about 500 speed cameras around my area.

Isn't there like a connection or fuse ?

I also don't have any proof that I have change the clocks over as I got the new (2nd hand) unit from ebay!! ahhh

I may just have to live with it!

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Isn't the milage counter on the IS, the same as in the Avensis and primera's??

If so then it can be changed, i got the Avensis milage changed when i baught another dash from the scrappers.. cost about £50 to do and it's easier than the old style ones.. :whistling:

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:lol: have it set to what ever you want :lol:

Don't know, in the back of Autotrader there are a few places that have advertised this facility.. :winky:

Someone on here had a simlar thing done (had their console replaced) and lexus gave a certified letter of the original milage and also a confirmation of the console being replaced which they attached to the service book..

See if the dealers that you got your car sorted out from will offer this to you..

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Does that mean I can just find somewhere to do it and they're change it.. I've got a reading from about 5months ago, but I've had the car for about 3years (ex company car, which I pranged after buying it from my boss!! ggrrr)

They must want some proof, but all I have is an MOT from Sept, which the company paid for.

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