Is200 Ebel Watch

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It's sad to think about it but inevitably there will come a day when my IS200 will no longer be feasible to keep on the road. As I've enjoyed owning and modifying it so much I've decided to buy a few mementos that I can keep long after its gone.

My most recent being a watch I bought from eBay supposedly made by Ebel. Can any one shed any more light on this particular watch? There is nothing on the watch as far as I can see that admits to it being made by Ebel whereas another watch I bought clearly says that it was made by House Of Watches.

From my basic googling it would appear that there were 5 groups of 1000 of the Ebel type made: group A,B,C,D,E would this refer to each year the IS200 was sold? Is this also the case with the House of watches type?

I understand what I'm asking may not be common knowledge especially for a very specific item that is now 10 years old, but any information any one has will be greatly appreciated.


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Just coming back to this any one around these days that might know a bit more?

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