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Whats your Model?


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Hi Guys and Gals

Everyone List you lexus Model here including Imports. I am sure everyone would be interested to see exactly what everyone has.

Mine is a 92 Toyota Windom/Lexus Es300

probably the oldest one in the forum :(

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mine is same as "Administrator"

92 Toyota Windom/Lexus Es300, 127,000 kilometres, used import from Japan into New Zealand. Its colour is Mink or gold over silver. Had a horrible waste paper basket installed on passenger side, first thing to go. Had to replace front suspension struts which vastly improved ride. Paid NZ$8,000 on the road and tank of gas!

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Tony.. do you have any pics of your Windom?/ Your the only guy I know who has a windom as well... pretty rare in the UK!

When did you have your struts replaced? I am due to replace mine and I am looking forward to the nice new ride :)

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I had my struts replaced by the dealer soon after i bought the car. Planning on having the rear ones done now as it made such a difference. Apparently the front struts are different for each side, not sure why. I think they actually reconditioned the struts as it took them a week to fix it.

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