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Needing More Power! It's Never Enough Is It!

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Right guys, I've been a bit quiet on here as of late, busy busy work life and all.

I'm looking for ways/ideas of gaining a bit more oomph.

Current set up -

Tte supercharger set up with induction kit.

160mm pulley.

2zz-fe injectors.

E-manage ultimate + remap.

De-cat manifold and full system.

198 whp on dyno.

As far as I can think there is not a lot more that can be done without getting silly or spending many ££'s.

Not looking to do an engine swap or move to turbo. (Maybe consider turbo/compound charging in future but that is way off!)

Don't have a massive budget and only basic skills when it comes to doing my own work.

The lines of thinking of are helping the engine breathe a little better/increasing it's efficiency.

Are there aftermarket cams available maybe? I've done a bit if googling but not come across anything really (thought I'd check here first as can get feedback too)

Or is there anyway of messing about with the head etc to increase flow?

As I say, open to your thougts and ideas :)

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I have heard these engines are very expensive to get lots of power out but I'm sure someone on here will give you a more detailed explanation

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