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fuel gauge problem

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hi have anyone here had any problem with their is200 fuel gauge?

last night i was filling up my tank, and i filled to the max..... actually it was so full that the petrol was spilling out.

anyway... and after i paid and i start the car, the fuel gauge show the tank is not full, the needle is pointing to half way between full and 3/4 full.

what should i do? do u think is the fuel tank filter thats the problem or the gauge sensor in the fuel tank is not working?

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i used to have that problem on a other is200 i had,it would sometimes stick if the tank was almost empty,so when you filled up it would not move...................untill after a few miles driving..........if it dont sort its self out in a few days let me know


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I've seen some cars where there has been a problem with the circuit board for the guage and clocks

Could be the same problem (Go get it checked) you might need the thing changing

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I've had that problem since the day I picked up my car. Driving home on the first day I filled up with Petrol and it stayed on empty! It seems intermittent, but always corrects itself after a few miles (which could be the next day) I've got used to it now.

I have had various parts replaced (the dealer always said no other IS200 in the country had this problem), and the last the dealer came back to me, about a year ago, was that the dash display would have to be changed, and that would reset the mileage which I wasn't happy with. Is there another solution?

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