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Does anyone know how to replace the black gear lever surround/facia on my 2004 RX300 (please see attached image)?

I've managed to remove the accompanying wood effect fascia, and the gear knob. I've also unmounted several of the clips which are visible underneath... but it's still refusing to budge. :O(




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    • By Alucard7002
      Hello all,
      Looking to put original radio back into my 430. 
      P/O fitted this lot and while it works the user interface and overall look of the things doesn't appeal to me. 
      Make me a sensible offer considering all of this kit new would cost over £800 
      Or if you have the original ML Radio/CD changer, fascia (CD cover, switch backing and cubby hole) I'd consider a straight swap, mine is an '01 premium pack with ML and nav 

    • By joelfigueira
      Hi all,
      can an anyone recommend a good replacement gear knob for is220d. Got quoted from Lexus £150 quid for a new one. Just wanting to know if anyone has replace there’s and if so what with.
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      I've just bought a 2013 IS300h Premier. Absolutely love it. I've noticed my centre console is finished in a smooth black satin finish, but other IS's I've driven and seen pictures of have a rougher, matt grey finish. Did Lexus change this later in the model's life or is this something exclusive to the Premier?
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      Can anyone guide me please?
      My beloved RX300 is coming up for its next full service and MOT.
      I know the engine oil will be changed and I had the transmission fluid changed this year.
      But, can anyone advise about the gearbox/diff oil, front/rear?
      I'm not even sure if they exist, so an insight from someone here would be much appreciated!
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      This 6 by 6 inch plastic panel was hanging off the underside of my wife's RX350.
      It was near the front/middle and held on with cable ties.
      Can anyone enlighten me as to what it is, please?