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Top 5 best movie apps for Android

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Today, watching movies on the phone is a favorite entertainment activity. There are thousands of apps available on the market, so it's hard for anyone to know what's appropriate for them. As a result, this article is here to give you the top of the best movie apps to help you to  choose the ones that are suitable for your needs.
IMDb Movies & TV
IMDb Movies & TV is a collection of TV series, movies, theaters, and information about the world's most massive celebrities. This app lists the details of all the movies and TV shows that have appeared, including actors, directors, authors, all filmmakers, trailers, prices, images, storylines, user ratings, movie errors, side-by-side details and much more.
Now with IMDb for Android, you can search from a huge collection of over 2 million movies and 4 million famous people. Keep up to date with the hottest news in the entertainment world on your handset.
IMDb Movies & TV is a free entertainment app that gives you a great deal of information with just one touch. You will access the database for movies and TV shows on IMDb on Android.
Moreover, you can now access the store through From there, you can buy DVDs or Blu-Rays for any movie or TV show available.
You can explore more Android movie apps at the link Download the best apps to watch TV shows and movies free.
Crackle is similar to HBO Go or Netflix, meaning that the app also provides the main content of the programs. If you want to see the content, you just need to touch then it will transfer to the website containing the movie or TV show. Currently, Crackle is serving more than 25 million users around the world and every month is constantly updated with the latest content. No registration is required, no fees are charged, but you can still watch blockbusters, your favorite TV shows and old series like Seinfeld, The Three Stooges or Breaking Bad anytime, anywhere. Obviously, it is difficult to find a compelling reason not to download Crackle on your device.
There are hundreds of hit movies on the app like Step Brothers, Drive, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Talladega Nights, Bad Boys, Baby Boy, The Rum Diary, Joe Dirt, and more.
Do not miss any episode from the popular TV series such as The Shield, Damages, The Jackie Chan Adventures, Blue Mountain State, Sanford and Son, Spider-Man and more.
The Crackle app is also an ideal house of anime with great movies, over 40 series, and more than thousand of episodes including Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), Marvel Anime: IronMan, Queen's Blade, and Blue Exorcist.
Crackle is a free app and is regularly updated with movies and TV shows.
Yidio is a free service that allows users to search, discover, personalize and track TV shows and movies from hundreds of well-known sites like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more. The app is handy for moviegoers as most of us know that the internet contains countless movies but to find exactly what you need, it is not easy.
Yidio makes it easy for users to update their favorite shows and movies from their followers through the notifications displayed on the phone's home screen. In particular, you can customize these features to your liking to get interesting suggestions and discover the latest information more easily using the built-in Filter tool.
If you do not know what you want to watch, check out new TV shows and movies using Yidio's search engine, filters, and recommendations. Once you find something you like, touch the link to start watching on your tablet, your phone, or connect to your Chromecast to stream live videos to your Smart TV.
Tell Yidio the movies and TV Shows you want to see. Yidio will send you a notification on the home screen as soon as the programs are on air.
Users can link Netflix accounts with the app to add, remove and explore TV shows, episodes, and full movies to their Netflix Instant Queue.
Users can search for favorite programs through over 35 sources: Netflix, Amazon Prime, DirecTV, HBO NOW, Google Play, YouTube, Cartoon Network, and more.
If you want to install different kinds of Android apps, you can go to the link Top rated app store for Android - download app files for free.
Tubi TV
Unlike other costly video services like Netflix or Hulu, Tubi TV is a free mobile TV service. So, you can enjoy watching movies, comedy clips, interviews, or TV shows without paying any fees, even without a credit card. The only downside that Tubi TV makes that annoys users is that next to movies or TV shows there are promotional videos, but they do not appear for as long as on cable or satellite TV services.
New movies and TV shows will be added weekly on Tubi TV, so you will not miss entertainment content to relax at the weekend. Tubi TV lets you watch new movies, action movies, documentaries, Korean movies, Anime, horror movies and countless other genres at no cost. Tubi TV for Android is the largest free-to-play library of television shows, movies, dramas and more, available today that can meet everyone's television viewing needs.
The goal of the Tubi TV service is to bring the whole world of entertainment into the palm of your hand. Users can watch movies anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. At home, you can watch on the tablet with a WiFi connection, while on the road, use the 3G connection to watch movies sharper and more mobile. There are many categories of content to choose from, including exclusive films only available on Tubi TV.
Sling TV
Get started with the most appropriate entertainment, then personalize them into favorite genres, such as sports, comedy, children, news, movies, and  lifestyle. With Sling TV for Android, users can change their online service anytime and record their favorite shows to watch them using their publisher's Cloud DVR.
Sling TV for Android has more than 100 direct TV channels for users to stream instantly on demand. In addition, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of sports, direct television entertainment such as the Fargo, The Americans, Better Call Saul, SportsCenter, plus over 10,000 hours of enjoying TV programs, watching movies as required. Is it great? Let's explore Sling TV for Android now.
Click the link Online app downloader for Android - Top1apk - a new google play store to download other Android apps
Now you already know the top 5 best movies apps that you can watch on your Android devices. We hope that you will enjoy and have fun. 

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