Lexus SC300, SC400 and SC430 Models

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Gallery of Lexus SC 300, Lexus SC 400 and Lexus SC 430 Models


  1. SC430-X3 Melange 2016 Retrofit


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    This Lexus SC430 has been and is still undergoing a retrofit. It is becoming an entirely new vehicle which is why I have updated the Year to 2016. The body, the engine and the transmission are all getting upgraded to allow this vehicle to race at over 180 mph all day long without overheating and still be street worthy  and legal. Named after the miss-name of Napoleon's beloved horse which saved his life, Marengo; this vehicle is based on the only car that could beat the Mach-5; The X3 Melange is a car that I have long wanted to own since I was a kid. 
    I don't want to waste money on a super car so I am building my own; and the Lexus SC430 is the perfect platform for this type of retrofit upgrade.
    I will post engine upgrades and transmission upgrades when completed.
     I don't own the rights to the song about my car posted below, but I do enjoy this song. Very cool! Melange Still Races!

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