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My car after polish

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This is my car after several hours of careful washing and polishing! But god damn those stone chips why oh why are they there?! I only have a couple but they're on the bonnet.

To detail the car I used Turtlewax premium car wash shampoo, I rinsed the car with several buckets of water first. Next I had two buckets prepared one of soap and the other in just plain water, using two micro fibre washing mits I soaped the car up and rinsed each panel individually. Next I used a chamoise on the window on both the internal and external windows. I then used a dry turtle wax micro fibre towel to dry the car and prepare it for waxing.

Before I got stuck into the polishing I cleaned the alloys using a bucket of water and Simonz alloy cleaner and break dust barrier. I treated each wheel twice to increase the shine, however I do need to remove the the wheel centre pieces at some point and clean these separately as the dust seems to grip the chrome with particulalry harsh avengence. Any suggestions on what to use guys?

Anyway next I used some turtle wax Ice and an abundance of micro fibre cloths two shine up the surface of the car. This is the first time I've used Ice, I was going to use turlte wax premium car polish (the traditional white stuff) but the idea of no white streakiness creeping on to the plastics was encouraging. I have to say I'm very impressed with Ice and I'll use it again and again, I don't think it'll replace some of the better maguire's stuff out there but for a top up wax it's perfect. It applies easily and being clear it doesn't effect any of the trim in fact it can be used to clean all but the windows. The only thing I woluld say is that you need to keep track of the areas which have been polished and those which haven't. Because the liquid is clear and when it sets in it just slightly makes the surface of the paint look dull (until buffed) it is easy to not even notice that there is polish on the surface. To be honest though this could just be as a result of a dull morning and the fact that my car is platinum ice and as such doesn't help matters in this area. Also I should add that buffing the car once the polish is applied is much easier than with a traditional polish, it literally takes half as long to do the whole car. On the whole I was so pleased with the result I'll definately use the same products again. It rained the next day but that didn't put me off too much, it's always nice to see the water ball up and roll off of a freshly polished bonnet.

PS. Sorry about the pics, they don't do it justice it was low light

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Also Does anyone know a good way to remove the trade stickers like the "Dorchester Collection" one on the back of my car?

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