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  2. Don't be put off by other opinions, try one first. Lots of delighted LS460 owners out there. People often say stuff about the 430 but it's a brilliant car!
  3. 12 year old ..................... is the heading for the reference for you .. 0n this Ls460 forum too Malc
  4. Probably removed to hit a specific price point, rather than just to make a distinction to Lexus, just wish they would allow it to be added as a costed option.
  5. Oh you absolute arse... I have literally just imported one a couple of weeks ago 😉 On a different note I am probably keeping my HPS and selling my Takeda 😉
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  7. All the earlier information about the Camry also said that it had HUD; the final specs show it without. I expect that was removed to stop it looking even better value against the ES.
  8. Some of you guys must have a really heavy right foot, original Yokohama Blue Earth on our IS still have 3mm on the back and 4mm front after 24K and 4 years, I recon we might not need to change them in our ownership! Even the Michelin Latitude Sport 3s on our 2.5 ton, sub 5 second 0-60 Tesla still have 3mm left after 21k.
  9. It's never going to sell in big numbers but with diesels out of favour, Toyota can bring their worldwide hybrid saloon to Europe, rather than having a European special, the Avensis, with the Corolla saloon covering the smaller saloon segment.
  10. Full spec is available. Camryequiplist.pdf
  11. I'm surprised they are bringing it to the UK - I can't see it achieving any high sales numbers - last time it sold in small numbers and then the model was just left to die down - very few people have heard of it?
  12. Anyone considering Goodyear tyres, note that Asymmetric 5 is now available in IS-friendly sizes, and supposed to be even better.
  13. Hi guys, Just been cleaning out the garage and forgot I have a currently unused Black HPS intake hose for the ISF sat here gathering dust. It removes the stock resonator, provides more laminar airflow, improves induction noise and gives a more linear acceleration curve too. Claims about 5whp gains. Photos of the actual item below. it was on my car for under a thousand miles before I secured a second hand AFe Takeda Retain intake which is not compatible with the HPS. It’s been sat around since about September last year. It’s in perfect condition. Not a mark on it. You can only get these from the states, cost me £131 plus £15 postage plus £24 import tax so about £180 all in. If anybody wants it I’ll do you a deal for way less than that. It’s going on eBay anyway but thought I’d let the forum know. DM me if you are interested 😎
  14. i had to clean a clio once with biege seatbelts (originally ) i tried every thing with out sucess in the end i pulled the seat belts out and jet washed them left them to dry , what a diff. a bit extreem i know but hey.
  15. Agree. Really good channel for all the stuff he has tried. Also worth it for the emotion he showed when it finally went. He has gone through a journey with that motor.
  16. I bank transferred a £30 deposit to him, and he removed the advert as a result. I'd assume it's my responsibility for asking questions and/or doing the necessary research before pressing the trigger...therefore I've accepted the loss of the money and told them to put it towards relisting/inconvenience fees. I'll continue searching...with much more vigilance! Or I may just get them redone professionally...
  17. And considering Lexus interior is outright appalling for luxury car I doubt there is any actual difference except of the badge. + Toyota as well have Android/apple integration... well at least my rental Auris had it, so why not Camry. At the moment it seems that Camry page is just placeholder, but I am sure that when car becomes "properly" available, one will be able to match ES spec very closely.
  18. Yes as mentioned standard seats I wouldnt worry about the material if you do opt for these. Its been used in the CT before with no known issues Best thing to do is get a fabric protector like Gtechniq I1 and any spillages will literally just bead up on the surface - wont soak in at all
  19. Yes the wear doesn't surprise me one bit. Ive been told they are fairly quick at wearing unless doing motorway miles exclusively. However, for the trade off in grip, I don't mind. For reference, I changed over the OEM bridgestones on my wifes IS300h at 16k miles. They were down to 2mm rear and 3mm front
  20. I was surprised the Camry is priced so low compared to the ES. It is a smaller vehicle and missed some creature comforts such as memory seats etc. but the Excel compares well with the ES with Premium Pack. Not sure dealers have any in yet to go and look at as it is July before customer orders are expected to start arriving.
  21. Does it move forwards? It may not move back because it is already as far back as it goes. The modern 'anti-whiplash' designs are a lot further forward than on previous generations.
  22. Thanks Olliesgrandad .. I know its only taken me since January (been pretty busy) but I now have a Nav screen which has stopped switching itself around at random thanks to your tip on going into General Settings and switching off the screen reset feature , really appreciated Cheers Gilbert
  23. I believe those are the standard F Sport front seats. If you select either the Premium Plus Pack or the Takumi Pack you will get full leather seats.
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