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  2. Standard sat nav is controlled using a rotary controller. The Premium satnav, which was an option in the F-Sport and Standard in the Premier was controlled using the remote touch device (joystick) and it also came with 2 additional speakers - better sound quality. Its a party piece and looks better IMO
  3. Quick hello from myself, over the years have owned a RX300, LS 400 x 2 and now a RX 450H Luxury in sonic white Black Interior. 66 plate car with some miles under its belt!! bought from Lexus Cambridge / px my 66 plate Discovery sport. Even though i bought the car blind and they did mine, i was more than surprised that on collection i had to both rear wheels and tyres changed before i agreed to drive it away, seriously badly kerbed wheels with tyres matching my Bald head!! so a quick look around the site and they took from another car then had to do the TPM WHICH TOOK IN ALL @ 3 HOURS, but they kindly filled the car up with petrol! Nice car and glad i swapped over the Discovery was a superb car but just our driving style did not suit that engine. Called into my local Lexus dealership to get a new battery for my key fob, i asked what he thought of the rear door rubber gaskets coming adrift and 1st thing he asked was did you buy this car from us, no i did not, well my suggestion would be take it back and ask them to look at it as its not covered under warranty ... very rude to say the least. must say from when i last owned a Lexus there customer service has seriously gone south.
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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  6. Thanks for the suggestions - I'm going with the CD slot mount. I use my phone for google maps in the car, the standard nav is pretty poor - usually tells me there is traffic when I'm already stuck in it!
  7. Is the unique dash on the f sport any good? Or just different to standard? Worth getting?
  8. Just dont compare the car and drive it as it is, a fine vehicle for people that get it.
  9. Interesting. What do you mean by standard satnav? Think the Misses is set on having the memory function unfortunately. She liked how everything sort of "got out her way" when she turned the car off to get out. As obviously the wheel and seat go back to their neutral position.
  10. Advance trim has full leather heated/cooled seats with electric adjustment but not memory, also rear camera and parking sensors but only standard satnav.
  11. Sound advice indeed. It is not for the man on the Clapham Omnibus to tell the Driver what to do !
  12. Just make sure you explain that you want the vibration fixed, not that you specifically want them to replace the exhaust. Make them take ownership of what the solution is and commit to fixing the vibration.
  13. Hi Rayanns, you may be correct. For your info, one of the reports said that the card coatings had taken some flexibility out of the rubber sensor seals and this causes the ultrasonic sensor to not operate correctly. No idea if this is right or not!!
  14. Lol ultimately I can’t see it fitting in ours either, modern garages are next to useless. I had to clear the garage anyway, that’s my excuse.
  15. Cheers for the reply. The battery was changed around a year ago. Thing is it's driving perfectly fine and all the electrics are working no problem.
  16. Thanks for that advice Mark. I'll be on my guard now if they want me to sign anything that might terminate my rights. I've said before that this whole business has got the better of me and I feel really stuck as I can't expect them to drive the thing long distance to try and experience what's bugging me. Alan
  17. There is A/C for that - I would never drive with windows open. I guess makes sense for smokers maybe?! Re GS - probably "tubed-out", certainly no arc lining, totally pointless and undrivable car - as any other "low rider" or "VIP"they are only for show. I though Lexus GS, LS are almost primary VIP cars:
  18. F-Sport is essentially an appearance/handling package so comes with different bumpers and wheels. Also has sport seats inside. Memory seats on the F-Sport are part of the Leather package. Essentially, if the F-Sport vehicle you look at has full leather seats, its got memory. The F-Sport also does not come with Blind spot monitor (not even an option) or Mark levinson stereo unless optioned on. The F-Sport also has a digital dash with a moving inner ring. The suspension is slightly stiffer but is by no means harsh. Full leather seats are available on the Luxury model too, not sure whether they come with memory seats or not
  19. It could be a weak 12v battery? I hear they can be the cause of lots of random issues. When was it last replaced? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Mine would fit in garage if I could lower the garage onto it. Won't fit through the hole at the front. :( Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
  21. Cheers Comedian. I’m hoping I can fit her in the garage, I may need to sleep in it, but I’m clearing out the garage to find out 😅 I will still get the Stoplock for public car parks etc.
  22. Unlikely to be due to supaguard as even waxing your vehicle would then cause a similiar issue. Most likely to be faulty sensors. I remember a few reports of the same thing happening on some early 3RXs
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