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  2. Well done that man for finding yourself ( like me!) a unicorn car! I’m sure you’re gonna love it, so the SH stacked up all ok with the mileage then? And I doubt you will find many Reciepts for repairs as these cars tend not to seek out workshops as much as other cars out there! all the best with your new ride and the headlamp lens should be an easy fix. paul m.
  3. Have you considered fitting a rear camera? I fitted one to a previous LS, and apart from being easy to do it was very impressive, and all for about £20.
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  5. Very nice, a MK3 which some say is the best looking LS400. Has it had the essentials done? Unlikely you'll ever find a more bomb proof or more reliable car.
  6. You will have great fun driving her around in silence and comfort.
  7. Apologies also. Not the best at working things I have no clue about! But thanks for all your help hopefully I can get to the bottom of it
  9. eBay. Just search for what you want and look where the item is located.
  10. MPX-B supplies the door ECUs and Radio No.1 supplies the Body ECU which in part controls the interior lighting. I would be looking for a light being on somewhere like the glove box or boot, pop a camera phone in on video record then see if the light stays on when closed. I have the OEM Electrical Wiring Manual which is around 400 pages, you are quite welcome to lend it for the cost of postage to yourself and back.
  11. In that case then Spencer, I apologise. When you said earlier that a guy had been, taken the battery out, charged it and replaced it, I assumed that you were confusing the 12V and the hybrid batteries. It's such a rare occurrence, especially on such a young car (Lexus warranty them for 15 years as long as you have the annual Hybrid Health Check done), that I thought you had to be mistaken. The guy is right, if the engine doesn't start the hybrid battery will flatten but I don't know how long it would take. Both batteries depend on each other - the 12V battery boots the computers to start the hybrid system and get the car READY, then the hybrid battery is used to charge the 12V again via a DC/DC converter and also runs the engine up to speed using one of the motor/generators before applying fuel and spark to fire it. Given the absence of any error codes and not being there to poke about, I'm really not sure what you should do next but, whatever it is, I sincerely wish you all the best for a speedy and reasonably-priced solution.
  12. Paint looks superb! Do you know exactly what they did and what they used?
  13. In relation to the link from linas.p and the comment about the vehicle being a unicorn vehicle if it had a moon roof, I can confirm it does have a moon roof as I have purchased it today, it's an amazing vehicle, all it needs is the headlight lens to be sorted as they have gone cloudy and a piece of chrome looking plastic trim on the boot to be changed as it has faded, the dealer will sort the lights out, I collect it on Thursday, I can't wait
  14. 😄 Same thing happens in my IS250. I sh*t myself and thought I had a catastrophic engine or gearbox failure the first time it happened.
  15. here is a link incase you need a replacement hybrid battery 2nd hand its £699 inc postage
  16. Hi Guys Here are some nice pictures of my new baby! I am so proud. Hope you like them. Steve Plenty PS sorry about my finger LOL
  17. Suffering from a knackered shoulder I have to get my car done in a garage these days. However thanks to youtube and the hint of using two 3" extension bars (I bought a wobble bar for added flexibility) and I've managed to change my spark plugs in cylinders 5 to 8 (driver's side). I thought I'd get the tricky side out of the way first and hopefully the other four will go quite smoothly tomorrow. Pollen and air filter change was easy-peasy and although I could do an oil and filter change, I'm gonna be lazy.
  18. As I was told yes. I wasn’t present at the time as I was working. I was told by the gentleman that because the engine wasn’t starting it was draining the charge out of the hybrid. He said to me it may be a possible crankshaft but he couldn’t give a definite. The hybrid is all in order. No faults codes, he said it was mechanical.
  19. Rumour has it the job was contracted out to a third party. An unwitting apprentice made the mistake of contacting the Marketing Department of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. The rest, as they say, is history.
  20. Have a look at this Is that the battery that he took out and charged? And if so, how long did it take him to charge it?
  21. I’m not sure if he’s said the wrong thing or pulled the wool over my eyes but I was told that my hybrid battery had been run low? That’s what he charged? I was charged £250 for this. The 12v is brand new as I was advised by Lexus to change this? However that has since gone flat.
  22. I’m not sure if he’s said the wrong thing or pulled the wool over my eyes but I was told that my hybrid battery had been run low? That’s what he charged? The 12v is brand new as I was advised by Lexus to change this? However that has since gone flat.
  23. Yes it seems like it has in the past but not any more Where do you find breakers in Lithuania?
  24. But I thought you said that he took the battery out to charge it and then put it back in and it showed no signs of anything being wrong with it? If that's correct, what was a jump start required for? What I'm trying to get at is, are you absolutely sure that your 12V battery is in good working order and fully charged? There's been a few people on these forums who have parked at the airport and come back to a flat 12V battery after a two-week holiday so they do discharge quickly. We need to make sure beyond any doubt whatsoever that you have a good battery first or we'll get nowhere. Using a multimeter, check the standing voltage of the 12V battery and compare it to this chart:
  25. The engine is not starting, the jump start was just to get power to the 12v. The sound is coming after pushing the button, it’s as if it’s reading it but mechanically nothings happening
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