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  2. Hi Paul.. Yes I did so my research and purely opted for the 220d as I was hoping would save me money . My accord was reliable as possible but was only getting about 20mpg. I was hoping I would get a good one. Get it remapped to fix the lag etc. But looks like the first money ill be spending on it will be repairing it. The 250 would've cost me as much as the Honda to run and tax hence the choice of 220d Unfortunately it was a private seller who is adamant ( obviously telling porkies) that he had no problems previous. He seems like a genuine guy but I guess you never know in the world of selling and buying cars. I really hope it isnt the head gasket. I'm so gutted at this point wishing I'd have just kept the honda and dealt with filling up 60 a week Thanks very much for your reply. Craig
  3. With any non-hybrid car you have a point but with the IS 300h they don't wear at the same rate. Bought mine at 40k miles and now 75k miles and still original disks and pads all round - front discs now have a slight lip but will easily pass 80k miles and probably more
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  5. That RCF at £25,992 has just appeared. The cheapest example for some time but private / higher mileage.
  6. Kaminet. How do you get a throaty exhaust, when nothings actually changed ? You've not changed out the cats for sports cats, nor a resonator delete, nor catback system ? Placebo effect M8... In all honesty you should have had the car dyno'd before and then after.. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. As I said in my post above yours further up the thread so agree entirely. That said they could have argued they had suffered significant wear anyway at 33k . If I was buying a Lexus approved at 33k for example I would insist on new pads / discs and in my experience on forecourts most cars with this mileage will demonstrate a degree of disc wear. (its difficult to see pad wear) if they haven't been changed anyway. If not at least ask for measurements of whats left.
  8. If the claim was for just disc and pads then I would agree. However Lexus warranted a faulty calliper, they can’t honestly say that this item didn’t cause the premature wear of the discs and pads. If they are trying to say that then they live in la la land Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I meant its subjective in respect of how the car is used ,hence they are never warranty items. It was in relation to people saying they should last so and so miles. You can never put a mileage on their wear as you probably know due to different driving styles.
  10. The cheapest RCF for sale on AT is 6K cheaper than the most expensive ISF!..
  11. Had the same with brakes, driving me mad, then went the whole hog and had Lexus discs and pads fitted including new shims, and had handbrake overhauled, so no squeaks of clunks.
  12. Mines been like this for 20yrs. These plates are my originals from my first Lexus 20yrs ago. Lol......think you’d have to alter font size and style before ANPR fails to read it and/or the police are interested/concerned with it too
  13. “Personally” the ISF was the mould breaker for Lexus and as most “firsts” of anything that becomes iconic it’s normally that that will hold its premium best and future classic premium too. There isn’t much difference in engine/drivetrain. There is a big difference in interior refinement, the ISF has basically been about since 2005 on an interior aspect and things move on “obstetrically speaking”......I’ve had my ISF for four years and there still isn’t something “affordable to me” to change it for, prior to this I had an IS250-Sel for five years so I’ve been in the same car for nine years on an interior aspect. I like both the RCF and GSF but again it’s a personal matter of 2 Vs 4 doors. GSF were lowest built units but then so is the M5 and RS6.....a size market I never got my head round from manufacturers to try and master. I’d be careful with spending more as potentially you lose more upon resale, a car will only make what someone is prepared to pay. good luck with your decision, one thing I’m certain of.......whatever one you choose I’m sure you’ll be over the moon with. Paul
  14. One time when I had to across Germany, I went around 195-200 km/h... Next to me my GF she was just sleeping. Next second, I hear a sound like an airplane, and a blue RS6 just lterally flew away leaving us like standing. (If I have to reckon it was about 320-340..) My GF just woke up because she was scared about the sound and she shouted on me DON'T DARE TO FOLLOW! Me: Are you kidding? I'm pushing the pedal till the concrete, how the f..k I should follow this? xDDDDD Was a funny moment.. 😄 And yes. there are 2 negatives in the IS300h. the throttle lag, which could be quite annoying and dangerous especially in the country of roundabouts, (Can decrease this lag with "manual" mode.) And the speed limit due the Hybrid. <--- IMO the 125mph/212kmh Max is totally enough, but sometimes I'm missing the 240-260 when I'm acrossing Germany.. I guess I can live with this negative effect once / year :)
  15. No conservative driving here ( or I would of got a Prius and not a V6!), all stock ( engine wise) and I'm getting this... . above two screen shots are after doing 3 Uni Viewing runs! and below is 'normal' use in PWR mode (Hhmmmmmm!!!)
  16. A chap I know who is a very well respected local detailer always uses Gtechniq alloy wheel armour. I have had this put on all my cars wheels for sometime, I also use Poorboys every now and then to top up the protection. The composition of the rotors also seems to have an effect on how much dust is raised. The discs on my Mini (Yellow Racing) and my Phaeton (Tarox Bespoke) were both highest quality stainless steel and neither cars suffered from brake dust fallout.
  17. what, if you don't need this pipe, can it just be blocked off without repurcussions ? Malc
  18. Are you sure you’re applying correctly if that is your experience? I’ve used Poorboys Wheel Sealant on my cars for a number of years now and can always tell the difference once it’s applied. Apply a couple of coats twice a year and it makes the wheels so much easier to clean.
  19. Hi Richard, no I didn't tell the number plate yet, I went more conservative and personal than your suggestion though - V15 DMR i.e VLADIMIR, unfortunately V14 DMR was taken already. I will put up some pics when I get docs from DVLA.
  20. And just to add to the confusion, 2000 miles after that and not entirely conservative ( 😜)driving, daily commute of about 110miles, plus Amazon Flex my combined mpg all round is approaching the unattainable factory figures. So you tell me of whether it is worth it, or not...
  21. Looks like a lot of rust, more than dust from the pads. Car might have been stood a while. What do people use on their wheels to make this easier to clean. I've tried poorboys wheel sealant, but doesnt seem to really help. Also very difficult to get the stuck on dust off. It likes to build into hard scabs that wont budge.
  22. Glynn! You will go to prison for that crime! 🙂 The number plate looks cool Glynn! I wonder how do people get away with 2 letters and 2 numbers only in number plates?
  23. You do realise I'm talking about my car, right? I've driven it before... I'm driving it after... And to my surprise I can still notice difference in both noise and behaviour... Whatever the changes the map has done, they are there. The "throaty" exhaust comes from the combination of both less restrictive air filter and remap. There are mechanical parts to the exhaust system and the dvvt-I system is reprogrammable... which in turn leads to change in behaviour. And yes you're correct... to an extent, the factory unit isn't OBD reprogrammable... it had to undergo surgery.
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