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  2. 2010 RX450h with 130,000 miles on the clock! Yes a few squeaks & rattles, but I have too!
  3. Prob nothing you don't already know here then.... paul m.
  4. For sale: First registered July 2009, 91,000 miles, Windsor Blue with Beige leather, SE-L version with heated and cooled front seats, HDD Navigation, Bluetooth, USB connection for audio, comfort access, electrically adjustable seats, lumbar support, reversing camera, parking sensors etc Refurbished alloys with 4x new tyres fitted (Pirelli) in November 2018. Was health checked by Lexus Hatfield in November 2018 and a two year Lexus extended warranty (which includes MOT's and roadside cover) was purchased at the same time. This is paid monthly and can be transferred to the new owner. Payments end in November and the warranty will then run until November 2020 (the second year was free!) Item Condition: There are a few minor marks on the body and some wear to the drivers seat bolsters, otherwise in good order. Price and price conditions: £7950 Extra Info: Full service history with 6 Lexus stamps and two independent stamps. MOT due 15th October 2019 Pictures: New Lexus Hatfield number plates fitted since these pictures were taken. Contact Details: Chris Harland 07702 050294 Location: Bucks, Nr Amersham
  5. Thanks for the info. I didn’t know the UK had any with that spec. It’s the late 2011-13 with the revised suspension set up that I have my eye open for but have an open mind as all my knowledge is from written and video reviews.
  6. Nowt to worry about, except the next volcanic eruption against which all man-made pollutants pale into insignificance!
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  8. This thread is about the robustness or otherwise of the RX 450h, specifically how it ages when driven daily over more testing roads. Material, design and build quality are the key factors - not how the car has been treated by previous owners.
  9. The video will help. You could also try starting the car standing outside with the bonnet open, just to hone in on it. If the noise comes as you turn the key, or just as it catches, it could be the starter. If it's just after the engine has fired up it could be a pulley.
  10. Just checking fluid levels on the barge and noticed 2 hooks near the rear of the inner wings and matching brackets on the bonnet. These are all fixed in position so I wondered what are they and do. Only explanation I can offer is once the bonnet is closed and the hooks and bracket engage they are there to prevent the bonnet moving back towards the windscreen in the event of a frontal impact. Very clever design.
  11. Can we stick to the subject of the post please keep the politics off the forum.
  12. Very interesting to see three Lexus models in the top ten. I bet if the original Top Gear trio had put that list together the Germans would take top marks and Lexus would be nowhere to be seen!
  13. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  14. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  15. Lexus Swindon bought it off me, doesn’t appear to be for sale yet thought.
  16. and the death warrant on all those harmless carrots, onions, leeks, cabbages, turnips and the like ..... oh my, when will we ever learn .. it's people that's the problem, for heavens sake just stop them all eating I guess ... then there's nowt to worry about at all Malc
  17. Final spec versions came in Jan 2013 and are very rare.
  18. Interesting that the "old favourites" - BMW, Audi, VW, Jaguar are so comparatively low on the list . Maybe the diesel effect ?
  19. Animal agriculture is highly polluting in many ways but also in the way forest is cleared to make grazing areas + water usage and the reduction in food energy density. A double/triple whammy. It is apparently 56 billion animals per year raised, abused, transported and slaughtered. No reason not to think that won't have an impact.
  20. Thanks for the advice. I know what you mean about high prices. Around Christmas there was a very nice looking example at Lexus in Edgeware Road for £31k which only came down to I think 28k. When I make up my mind to buy a particular car it is a huge decision for me as I tend to keep a car for 9 or 10 years. I currently drive a Honda Legend bought in 2010. But they are a lot more common than the ISF as they sold over 500 of those, but even with a Honda after 170,000 miles there is the worry that something expensive might go pop and unlike the ISF, the Legend depreciated to virtually nothing a few years back. So I still hope a final facelift version will come up in the next six weeks or so otherwise, as suggested I will just buy the best example I can find.
  21. Well said Herbie. Not all cars of the same model and trim are the same when they become preowned. Squeaks and rattles bug me but as Herbie stated I listen to Rock music and loud too. So it's a lottery as to what car you get. To get a "robust" car you'll have to test 10's if not 100''s before you find the one you'd be happy with.
  22. Sounds like you are happy, same as me. On the satnav comment, I have reduced the contrast which takes some of the colour away and makes the white border stand out a little more. Definitely needs a colour setting.
  23. ... and comes first in it's own category. Read all about it here: Only beaten by a Prius!
  24. When fuel light goes ON I usually refuel ASAP, while instrument gives 50 km. left: actually I have never succeeded to fill more than 58 liters in this situation, so with light on you have at least 7 liters left, that with my usual driving style means 85 km. or more.
  25. Hi all, Selling my spare set as the car is now sold. PM me if interested. Cheers, Ben
  26. Having sold my IS-F I no longer need these. Good condition, ideal for a set of winter tyres. £450 thanks, Ben
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