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  2. @First_Lexus - I guess it is personal thing, but i-drive is one of the most intuitive systems for me... it hasn't changed that much for last 10 years, but it aged well and was improved gradually... still to this day I feel it is best implementation of infotainment system in the car, on the other hand I hate Audi system, whereas I know several people who consider it the best. Perhaps each person has something different about the system which makes it better or worse, at least I hope by this time everyone agrees that Lexus system is literally the worse when it comes to controls, not necessary functionality or quality of components, but if you cannot control it then what is the point? I like your (or topgear) summary - "car for drivers who don't like driving"... that is spot on, I don't think it could be better said. They are not bad cars, they are sufficiently fast for commuting, well build, decent quality materials and equipment... but "that something" is missing and I am the driver who likes driving. If you just try to throw them in the corner or drive more enthusiastically the car seems to punish you, the controls are not that precise and the noises it makes are outright scary. After a while you just give-up set it to cruise control and let it labour - that is where these cars feels fine, constant speeds on open road. I personally surprised that press still looks at diesels, I guess because BIK is still better on diesels than petrols for company car? I would just happy go with second from last petrol version on all of the german cars like 530i or E300 and be done with it, plenty fast and fuel economy is still very very good for the size of the car. In other hand with goverment grant 530e and 300e are not that much more expensive than petrol counterparts and yet have even lower BIK. I think that would be most relevant review, but sadly very few cars around which can be compared.
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    Mk4 ls400

    W11NDY can't believe the number of Fails on your recent MOTs you must have been horrified at the time but she does look an absolute ' beauty ' and you must be so proud of her ..... how could you bear to part company ever ! Malc
  4. Yep - sounds like a dpf problem - possibly needs some good blasts to regenerate. You need to do at least something like 20 miles a day on deristricted roads (by limits or traffic) or 50 miles once a week if you drive any modern diesel with a dpf. Sent from my PSP7551DUO using Tapatalk
  5. Diesel's are not my forte but I suspect that ( at only 56k) your's has never had an EGR clean, do a search on here and check out the procedure ( quite doable by home mechanic I read). paul m.
  6. Ok, thanks for all the information. It looks as though I am hoping to have to put it back in the hands of my friendly mechanic.
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  8. You could find (as I did!) that a front brake caliper is either stuck in position due to seized sliding pins (fairly easy to sort) or the main piston is sticking (brake fluid bloody everywhere). This will cause the brakes to behave differently on each side. Generally if there's no indication of irregular wear on the old discs and pads a mechanic wouldn't dig into it too much. They should have checked the rubber boots for rips and tears though, and noted how easily the pistons and sliders moved when wound back into the calipers. Toyota/Lexus calipers have always been a weak spot for me TBF. I've done three of four on my RX350. And both fronts on my mum's Rav4. And two rears on my track starlet. And two fronts on my RX300. And one front on my grans starlet. And two on my last MR2. Oh and the starlet before that I needed three. The list goes on!
  9. Hey everyone, Only new to this but would appreciate some help. Bought my first Lexus there in Jan, its an is 220d 2008, beautiful car but starting to have a little trouble with her. Got a great deal on her but starting to understand why. Bought it as a private sale from a mechanic with full service history. Its just rolling 200km on the clock but service history says she was well looked after. Problem I'm having is, I think fuel injector and after reading up possibly the 5Th injector. Bit of dark diesel around the top of engine block and its hissing out fumes. I've attached a video. If anyone could give me an idea I'd be very grateful. I'm based in Dublin. Is the car drivable to a mechanic or should it be towed? Thanks in advance 20190525_185433.mp4
  10. This isn't a solution, but may raise a smile 😉
  11. Thanks for the answer. Not sure of the state of the calipers but assuming that when the garage was replacing the discs and pads he would have mentioned the state. I have noticed it getting. Worse over the last week. Mainly if traveling about 30-40mph and light braking it is quite strong. Will have to put it in the hands of the garage but since I have already spent £500 on disc and pad replacement it is starting to be a money pit.
  12. If you lot think the 2012-15 RX is ugly then you don't know the meaning of the word - this LX570 thing fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!
  13. @Cactusif you look earlier in the thread you'll see that the OP made the decision - in favour of the NX - back in early April... I'm a big fan of the GS, and would prefer one to my NX if it was practical for me to have one, but it isn't. Ease of access when you have a disability rules out most saloon cars. RXs I've had are just too big for me now - actually as is the NX really - but the new UX isn't quite high enough. I'll be keeping my NX for the long-term. The longer I've owned it, the more I've appreciated it.
  14. I have put the Michelin cross climate on my NX. What a difference. I let the salesperson at Lexus have a drive after they were fitted. He could not believe the difference. He even asked the sales manager why Lexus did not fit them as standard.
  15. NX looks better than any RX & AVS gives a cosseting ride. 95% D-Mode & 5% Sport S returns 40 mpg and enables swift progress. Access/Egress top class. Tel
  16. A close friend with a new Volvo XC40 diesel was amazed at how quiet my NX is, as most passengers are in my experience. Having just completed a long motorway jaunt, I find the NX a very quiet cruiser indeed. Having had a number of loan Lexus models over the past couple of years - IS, RC, RX and GS - I can say the only one I found to be noticeably quieter than the NX was the GS. As others have said, tyres make an amazing difference. I had two new RX courtesy cars for a week each, back to back. The first (F-Sport) was really noisy on the motorway, much louder than my NX. The second (Sport) was like a different car, the difference really was startling. Before that I'd never realised what a huge difference a tyre could make.
  17. I thought the review was quite balanced. As has been pointed out, good though the ES may be (I've looked but not driven) it doesn't strike me as a GS replacement, and a GS would have been a more natural competitor in this test imho if it were still available. As I've said before on the forum, I get a chance to drive and be a passenger in quite a wide range of cars. From my perspective; - Audi make the nicest interiors, but their diesel engines are quite noisy even in the A6. Family experience of A6 reliability is dreadful too, even within the first three years. Audi have an image problem from where I'm sat, and the current range is ugly to my eyes. Fine if you like that sort of thing, but I don't! As an aside, the new VAG TFSi engines seem very impressive being quiet, refined and powerful (in an A3 context). - Personally I like the way the Mercedes looks and I prefer the interior to the Audi. C-Classes that I've been in are lovely, very impressive, and I much prefer them to both the A4 and 3-Series. - Experience of recent BMWs makes me surprised about the comments re: interior quality, as I find it quite disappointing - although I haven't seen the very latest 5-Series. Both 320 and 330d (automatics) I've been in have a good turn of pace but are noisy under acceleration and the 330d especially sent a lot of vibration through the pedals and steering wheel. X3 was better in this regard. The iDrive system is hateful, even among colleagues who are owners they are mystified by press praise for how simple and intuitive it is. I can't get on with it at all. - The Lexus infotainment is miles behind the competition, I think we all know that. Top Gear sum up the ES as a car for 'drivers that don't like driving' and I'd say my experience of the Lexus range backs that up - they are quiet and refined cars for cruising around in. They certainly aren't 'sports cars' (couple of F models excepted) and I'd be surprised if an 'enthusiastic' driver would buy one after a decent test drive if they were after greater performance. Given the levels of discount available on German diesels at the moment, cost of ownership for three years ought to be lower than the Lexus I'd have thought. Private buyers looking for long term ownership should look at the Lexus because of the reliability and general quality. Top Gear note that the ES is a car you appreciate more the more miles you do in it. My NX has been just like that. If I were a company or lease buyer, I'd probably go for one of the Germans in this test rather than the ES, although actually I'd probably go for a Volvo... ...but as a private buyer I'd definitely buy Japanese or Korean.
  18. Do you do short journeys? I would try a fuel additive like Archoil, then give it an Italian tune up.
  19. On the question of performance, I think you got to be honest and says straight away, all these cars are going to be rubbish. Large, heavy cars, powered by circa 200 bhp diesel or petrol electric engines are never going to set the world alight. There is no joy in pinning the loud pedal on any of these cars. To say one is better than another is like saying it’s better to be poisoned rather than jumping off a cliff. The same can be said of handling, S line, M sport, Amg line and F Sport are all totally marketing BS. Put any of these in an actual environment where their performance and handling is laid bare ie a race track and see just how awful these cars actually are. But that’s fine, we understand that a 520d msport is not designed to be the greatest performance car BMW has ever made (and as I’ve spent a lot of time over the years driving an E46 M3 CSL in every environment I.e road, track, autobahn, Austrian pass etc. That car is arguably the greatest performance car BMW has ever made, so ive got a reference point here). these cars will be used on the congested highways and byways, usually at times when the highways and byways are at their most congested. The hybrid powertrain really shines in this environment. It is at its quietest and most efficient in traffic. That’s what it is designed for. Fun fact, in stop start traffic you can actually drive the ES in total silence just from the steering wheel using radar cruise. The hybrid It’s a massively relaxing place to be and it needs to be as your going to be in it for 8-10 hours and 300-400 miles per day. In the real world, hybrid beats stop/start diesel power. It’s a compromise sure (and soon to be outdated itself), but it’s better. To reference back to the review, let’s think about each choice. The Audi is no doubt a superb car, but having owned an A6 from the emissions scandal period, I’m done with VAG cars. In the same way UK customers can whistle for their compensation my £40k every 3-4 years walks straight out of their showroom. The E class, again, a superb car. 2 big issues. The interior. You might as well walk into the showroom and ask to ‘bling me’. And I’m sorry to say but the other issue is the whole taxi thing. So the BMW. Let’s put it out there, it won this test as overall it’s the best car. It just is and in pretty much every metric the ES will fall short in comparison. the carwow review did hint to the ES’s appeal when it mentioned the black tie analogy. The BMW is the sharpest cut, best fitting tuxedo. You will look a million dollars. Problem is, so will everybody else as they are all wearing the same thing. It’s it nice to turn up at the ball in a white tux and a massive smile on your face. But to pull off the ‘being different trick’ the ES has to be close enough to the competition. It cannot be a total disaster as then you are just cutting off your nose to spite your face. The ES manages to be close enough, while maintaining its quirky appeal (and to my eyes, looking the best of the bunch).
  20. @noby76 as I said - in the cold morning even new BMW diesel sounds like a tractor. That is literally once you get in and drive off the driveway, after that road noise just completely masks it past 20-30mph. I am specifically talking here about 320d, but I am sure 520d is even better insulated. When you actually push-it BMW 2l diesel sounds better than Lexus 300h in my experience. 300h is only smooth whilst you cruising along, it doesn't like to be pushed and when pushed it really sounds bad, much worse than diesels. Lexus 300h does not make 215hp, never made it and Lexus never said it does. What they say is that it is "comparable" to that figure... and what their "comparable" means is just anyone's guess. I have driven many 300h cars, at least 3 IS'es, RC and ES... and they "feel" under any normal circumstances like well sub-200hp cars, I would guess 150-160hp, but if somebody would say 175hp ... I would believe that. Certainly, they drive nothing like 215hp car, engine feels much weaker than one in IS250 which is 204hp... and when launched they not even smooth or lineal. Fair enough - perhaps Lexus power delivery makes it feel slower than it is... but 300h is certainly slower than 2l diesel. Why anything which was acceptable in 2006 would be acceptable in 2019? Would you accept the same terrible 13 years old sat-nav, or terrible pixelated rear view camera, would you accept audio system which does not support BT, USB and digital radio? Would you accept 28MPG? NO nobody would accept that - what was acceptable 10-15 years ago is unacceptable now. Because if that would be the case, then 10-15 years ago somebody would have said "well in 90s it was acceptable that car had 130hp and did 0-60 in 13s"... and then somebody in 90s would have said that "back in 60s 40hp was acceptable and car couldn't even reach 60 MPH" and nowadays we would still drive Cortinas and Minors... that is called progress you know?! It is acceptable for 13 years old cars, fair enough because you pay £2000 for them and thus you accept that performance and technology will be 13 years outdated, but if somebody would ask "new car" price for it that is not acceptable.. obvious really... And I am not saying 215hp is not acceptable, I am saying that overall performance and the way it is delivered is unacceptable. Or lets say I this way - everyone will decide what is acceptable for them, but being objective in the same segment for the same price you can get more luxurious cars, better equipped, more practical and performing better. The only real advantage of the Lexus here is that it will be reliable 10 years and 100k miles later, BUT this is irrelevant for new car buyer or this review... after 3 years and 50k miles nobody cares anymore.
  21. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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  23. this is a subjective claim as it wasn't my experience in some modern BMW, Audis and Mercs taxis i have rode in.. so we cannot go by your claim but what we can all go by is a petrol engine produces lesser vibration and thus more quieter than a similar diesel engine.. no one is disagreeing the advance tech which has closed the noise gap between the two but petrol wins. how can this not be true? what will Lexus gain by over estimating the ES's bhp figure? of course a diesel with 240 bhp will perform better but a diesel with 215bhp not so much.. we all know diesels produce ample torque at lower rpm which gives that quick feeling but then drops off as rpm climbs where as NA petrol comes alive at higher rpm this is just engine characteristics. this is all subjective as your point made on 3 was his point of view. i think a lot of people confuse initial torque delivery of diesels to mean quicker lets not forget a petrol's power delivery is very linear more so in a Lexus where you dont feel the sensation of speed until you look on the speedometer. until in gear acceleration has been tested between all four cars then we wouldn't for sure know how slow the Lexus actually is. as i said initial torque surge in diesels could give a false feeling of speed. your point made on 4 is a bit off.. why is 215 bhp not acceptable in 2019? 10 -15 years ago there were cars on the road running 300, 400 and 500 bhp's but yet still 215bhp could be found in 2.5 to 3 litre 6 cylinder premium cars. if 215 bhp were acceptable in 6 cylinder cars then even though those same manufactures had other models pushing higher horse numbers why is it not acceptable now? by whos standards is 215bhp not acceptable as again its a subjective claim based on the individual and the type of performance they are or have been used to..
  24. Hi James, Wondering if this is similiar to what you experienced? Sounds the exact same. I'd appreciate any feedback. Not sure if I want to attempt it myself. Few people trying to talk me out of it! Mine is a 2008 220d 20190525_185433.mp4
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