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  2. Alan, guys on here are only trying to be positive for you ...... stupid aggression towards contributors is unwelcome ............... and unnecessary .............. just saying that any competent mechanic could do this job in a certain timeframe ... what you want to pay for the work to be done is entirely up to you ........ and of course who you employ to do that job and the time you're happy for them to take to do it ............ maybe along with other work you have done at the same time. Please don't take out your frustrations on people here we like to keep this a happy forum please Malc
  3. I got it sorted after was the cam tensioner was wore and had timing off slightly.. just put new belt and tensioner in and she’s flying it now
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  5. You mean you know London mechanics who will work to only get paid for 10 mins skilled work?......that's very, very interesting, as you 'know' these London garages by clear implication can you put the emails of one or more of them on here & I will contact them today & past their response here........thank you so much, I look forwards to my pending email interaction with these London mechanics you imply you know/are aware of.
  6. I use Comma Engine flush - you can buy a box of 6 on eBay for £15.84 on a current listing. Seems to work well. I don't think there's much to choose between any of the readily available brands of engine flush.
  7. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  8. I have this on my MY17 CT. Only just noticed it before your post. I think it might be the regen system being activated as the brake pedal only needs to the pressed lightly. The car is booked in for it 2 year old service at Cambridge so will ask about it then and report back.
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply. I have had the wheels balanced twice. The vibration went and slowly came back. I understand that it could possibly be a tyre with a flat spot or something. The vibration when I brake is something else. At first I thought it was the front discs or pads but they have been replaced allround and when I picked it up afterwards it was not there so I assumed cured. However I have just driven to Spain and back and gradually the vibration on braking came back. If it is a fault others have experienced then I would appreciate info. Thanks, Tom
  10. Where is the click coming from?
  11. All Lexus hybrids have e-CVT transmissions, have a read here Luxury is the base level in the model range, very well optioned in comparison with other marques but 'entry' level with respect to Lexus
  12. As an y one connected their phone to the Nav system so that it will sync with the Lexus Portal I have read the manual a dozen times But to no avail its not a big deal but i thought if it was there i would use it. It could be better (Possibly to plan route on PC then send over to car ) save messing about Inputing route in laybye or side f road.
  13. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a voice command for post code navigation which is very disappointing and not in line with most other brands.
  14. I've had to bid farewell to my lovely 16-year old LS430 after 5 years of brilliant and enjoyable motoring (failed MOT on rear suspension and not worth paying to fix.) I want hybrid and I want to stick with Lexus. My budget is close to £12k. I'm now looking at an offer of an IS 300 2.5 Luxury E-CVT from a private seller, 73000 on the clock, at £12250. Would someone please educate me as to the E-CVT bit, and where this particular car stands in the IS option range. I equally happy to buy a pre-owned car from a dealer, but this one seems OK to my mind. Anthony B
  15. Try using gummi phledge or aerospace 303 on them to keep them looking good and supple.
  16. I did, invested about £2k in my beast this last year or so with all UCAs replaced and cambelt, waterpump etc and 4 new tyres ........ and a few other bits and bobs too Good2go for another 100k miles at least I would say Malc
  17. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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  19. Hi Bob King, Excellent. I’ll try that in the morning & let you know. Regards. IftyBSM.
  20. Have you checked your clutch doesn't need changing? After 11 years of ownership of my is200, I noticed acceleration was no longer the same and then as time went on I could feel the biting point was much sooner. After it was replaced it was prefect.
  21. LOL!! Yep. I have about 3 million of them. Only needed two!!
  22. You can also download the handbooks from the same location onto your phone/tablet, great for sitting in the car and going through the sequences
  23. My last SC430 had discoloured black window moulding and I wiped them with Celulose thinners it took the surface coating off and left them clean ..not of caution DON’T get it on the bodywork 👍🏻
  24. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  25. I think you misunderstood my post, mechanics/garages in London would not take a customer on for only 10 mins pay, you simply would not get one here, in my first post I only asked one simple question about recognition of the sound coming from the car >at that time<, sorry you could not answer what I thought was a simple question, sorry also for confusing some others, I did not intend to confuse you
  26. Thanks for the advice guys and also for telling me where the ‘stash drawer’ is. The car is back on the road, I think it was 4 hrs labour for the brake pipes, parts were minimal and I got to discuss the health check which fitted with what most of you were saying. The Power steering oil cooler leak is an quick job and pain free whilst the rocker gasket is not!! I was advised to ‘monitor’ that but not lose sleep over it, I didn’t really discuss the suspension issues (did anyone have this done recently they can cost?) whilst a future belt, water pump etc was approx £9-950 all in. Mine was one of 3 LS400’s outside which I take as a good sign.. It’s good to be back gliding on the road and once my bone shaking Honda is sold on a Thursday I can start the rolling refurb..
  27. Well if they take longer than 8 - 10 Mins to do a serpentine belt replacement on a lexus, it's best if you find yourself a proper mechanic. And the cam belt is about 4 half hour job. I remember someone replacing a cambelt, and pulleys and water pump on my sc430, took him 4 hrs to do it.
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