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    Mk4 ls400

    Yeah, would of failed this time had i not got s spare wiper blade in the boot 😁
  3. Here is the Top Gear review. Some interesting points made. Top Gear ES review
  4. Realy?! I had a look and didn't see it...I will look again. Oh Yeah, just found a video on youtube of a guy cleaning the EGR valve on a is in a different location and looks different than any car I have ever worked on...probably because it is a diesel. I think I might be able to do this job myself. It looks simple enough.
  5. 1. is simply not true, for one all 3 germans manages "driveable car" form is 240-255hp, because Lexus realistically doesn't even have 215hp ... (and here is really arbitrary measure) from my perspective it is just below that "driveable" line. Again for somebody else it could be somewhere else and I appreciate it. However, what my argument has always been - with BMW, MB and Audi you don't need to take that barely "driveable" car, you can always go for 530i, 530i, 530d, 535d, 540i, M5 etc. With Lexus you are stuck.. you can have either 300h or 300h. 2. S line, Amg line all that are "style pack" nowadays and not handling packs. However, BMW, Audi, MB are so much better handling cars than ES... I would say that is not necessary true for GS, but certainly true for ES. As well Audi should be "Audi* (if you go for quattro)", FWD Audi is junk like all FWD cars. But again nobody forces you to go FWD, with Audi you can always go AWD. 3. In which case diesel is going to be more fuel efficient than hybrid... and if I would need to drive on disgusting British roads for 8-10 hours a day I would just quit. Not that I don't like driving, but because british driving culture, laws is one of the worst in EU and the roads are most congested - anything over 1h is torture. 4. this is simply not true, case can be made that hybrid could have upper hand in 40-60 pulls (although I disagree), from stand still/start-stop 300h has not chances. 5./6./7. are pretty much the same point - for you it is more about exclusivity, for me it is more about choice. Although, Lexus is exclusive it gives you no choice (perhaps the reason why it is so exclusive - because the choice it gives are just too much of compromise). 8. Close enough is exactly the Lexus issue here and that could be said about GS, I don't think it is even fair to say ES is close, "perpetual last place winner" we can call it. Lexus is challenger brand in UK - it is either much better on something e.g. value for money, outright price, equipment or people won't switch. ES in this case is outclassed so no surprises there it is last, but that is because it is not replacement for GS. Where it needs to be - it needs to be at least 2-3rd choice, like Volvo does... I believe GS was capable of achieving that if Lexus would have prices them better, but ES was destined to be last. I am kind of happy about this - Lexus bluffed with ES and were called out... for once consumers were actually informed correctly - "don't try to pull this s*** our our eyes ES is not replacement for GS, so don try to sell it as one". As I said few times I would not go for a diesel myself, secondly I would not buy Audi.. I just don't like them. I was surprised that MB is currently outright best value for money coming-up cheaper than ES.. that is bit embarrassing considering E-class is not only bigger car, but better equipped and cheaper. BMW workouts about the same and is the best of the bunch and Audi is most expensive and I hate it (that is obviously not very objective).
  6. Your car does have an EGR valve and it probably needs cleaning! Sent from my PSP7551DUO using Tapatalk
  7. Having got back yesterday from our Austrian trip I discovered, as expected, that my Celsior is limited to 112mph. That's fine, but I also discovered my cruise control is limited to 65mph! So if anyone knows how/if cruise can be changed it would be very helpful. That aside the car performed perfectly with silence and supreme comfort and amazing MPG. I also discovered the importance of having ALL documents with me after being stopped by the German police in an unmarked car. They seemed sooo disappointed!
  8. I mainly use the car to drive to work. According to Google maps the journey is 15.7 km each way. But the last weeks..including a couple of weeks prior to this happening, and one week after have driven further, about 30 km. I will say people here drive like grannies. The road that goes from my house to work has a speed limit of 100 kph but rarely to I get to drive that fast because of slower drivers. Diesels don't have an EGR least mine doesn't. This is my first diesel car ever. The oil I just put in my car was Mobil 1 ESP which is supposed to help your emissions system. I will try a fuel additive and an Italian tune up and see if that does anybody...if not I'll look into cleaning my dpf. Thanks
  9. @First_Lexus - I guess it is personal thing, but i-drive is one of the most intuitive systems for me... it hasn't changed that much for last 10 years, but it aged well and was improved gradually... still to this day I feel it is best implementation of infotainment system in the car, on the other hand I hate Audi system, whereas I know several people who consider it the best. Perhaps each person has something different about the system which makes it better or worse, at least I hope by this time everyone agrees that Lexus system is literally the worse when it comes to controls, not necessary functionality or quality of components, but if you cannot control it then what is the point? I like your (or topgear) summary - "car for drivers who don't like driving"... that is spot on, I don't think it could be better said. They are not bad cars, they are sufficiently fast for commuting, well build, decent quality materials and equipment... but "that something" is missing and I am the driver who likes driving. If you just try to throw them in the corner or drive more enthusiastically the car seems to punish you, the controls are not that precise and the noises it makes are outright scary. After a while you just give-up set it to cruise control and let it labour - that is where these cars feels fine, constant speeds on open road. I personally surprised that press still looks at diesels, I guess because BIK is still better on diesels than petrols for company car? I would just happy go with second from last petrol version on all of the german cars like 530i or E300 and be done with it, plenty fast and fuel economy is still very very good for the size of the car. In other hand with goverment grant 530e and 300e are not that much more expensive than petrol counterparts and yet have even lower BIK. I think that would be most relevant review, but sadly very few cars around which can be compared.
  10. Malc

    Mk4 ls400

    W11NDY can't believe the number of Fails on your recent MOTs you must have been horrified at the time but she does look an absolute ' beauty ' and you must be so proud of her ..... how could you bear to part company ever ! Malc
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  12. Yep - sounds like a dpf problem - possibly needs some good blasts to regenerate. You need to do at least something like 20 miles a day on deristricted roads (by limits or traffic) or 50 miles once a week if you drive any modern diesel with a dpf. Sent from my PSP7551DUO using Tapatalk
  13. Diesel's are not my forte but I suspect that ( at only 56k) your's has never had an EGR clean, do a search on here and check out the procedure ( quite doable by home mechanic I read). paul m.
  14. Ok, thanks for all the information. It looks as though I am hoping to have to put it back in the hands of my friendly mechanic.
  15. You could find (as I did!) that a front brake caliper is either stuck in position due to seized sliding pins (fairly easy to sort) or the main piston is sticking (brake fluid bloody everywhere). This will cause the brakes to behave differently on each side. Generally if there's no indication of irregular wear on the old discs and pads a mechanic wouldn't dig into it too much. They should have checked the rubber boots for rips and tears though, and noted how easily the pistons and sliders moved when wound back into the calipers. Toyota/Lexus calipers have always been a weak spot for me TBF. I've done three of four on my RX350. And both fronts on my mum's Rav4. And two rears on my track starlet. And two fronts on my RX300. And one front on my grans starlet. And two on my last MR2. Oh and the starlet before that I needed three. The list goes on!
  16. Hey everyone, Only new to this but would appreciate some help. Bought my first Lexus there in Jan, its an is 220d 2008, beautiful car but starting to have a little trouble with her. Got a great deal on her but starting to understand why. Bought it as a private sale from a mechanic with full service history. Its just rolling 200km on the clock but service history says she was well looked after. Problem I'm having is, I think fuel injector and after reading up possibly the 5Th injector. Bit of dark diesel around the top of engine block and its hissing out fumes. I've attached a video. If anyone could give me an idea I'd be very grateful. I'm based in Dublin. Is the car drivable to a mechanic or should it be towed? Thanks in advance 20190525_185433.mp4
  17. This isn't a solution, but may raise a smile 😉
  18. Thanks for the answer. Not sure of the state of the calipers but assuming that when the garage was replacing the discs and pads he would have mentioned the state. I have noticed it getting. Worse over the last week. Mainly if traveling about 30-40mph and light braking it is quite strong. Will have to put it in the hands of the garage but since I have already spent £500 on disc and pad replacement it is starting to be a money pit.
  19. If you lot think the 2012-15 RX is ugly then you don't know the meaning of the word - this LX570 thing fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!
  20. @Cactusif you look earlier in the thread you'll see that the OP made the decision - in favour of the NX - back in early April... I'm a big fan of the GS, and would prefer one to my NX if it was practical for me to have one, but it isn't. Ease of access when you have a disability rules out most saloon cars. RXs I've had are just too big for me now - actually as is the NX really - but the new UX isn't quite high enough. I'll be keeping my NX for the long-term. The longer I've owned it, the more I've appreciated it.
  21. I have put the Michelin cross climate on my NX. What a difference. I let the salesperson at Lexus have a drive after they were fitted. He could not believe the difference. He even asked the sales manager why Lexus did not fit them as standard.
  22. NX looks better than any RX & AVS gives a cosseting ride. 95% D-Mode & 5% Sport S returns 40 mpg and enables swift progress. Access/Egress top class. Tel
  23. A close friend with a new Volvo XC40 diesel was amazed at how quiet my NX is, as most passengers are in my experience. Having just completed a long motorway jaunt, I find the NX a very quiet cruiser indeed. Having had a number of loan Lexus models over the past couple of years - IS, RC, RX and GS - I can say the only one I found to be noticeably quieter than the NX was the GS. As others have said, tyres make an amazing difference. I had two new RX courtesy cars for a week each, back to back. The first (F-Sport) was really noisy on the motorway, much louder than my NX. The second (Sport) was like a different car, the difference really was startling. Before that I'd never realised what a huge difference a tyre could make.
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