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  2. Hi Guys, I understand the need to meet at 8:30, but I can't get there that early, So i'll see you on site at Beaulieu - fingers crossed they keep a space for me with the other F cars. Looking forward to meeting up
  3. Seams like leaking fuel injectors if it's not burning oil. Fuel consumption like yours is not normal for a diesel. Just read out de OBD or let someone do it for you.
  4. Thanks for that, Vagtech, I guessed that it was to reduce waste but didn't know that there was a general trend away from spin-on. I changed my MGA the other way as it was a very awkward job to remove and replace the element housing due to restricted access. I once owned a 1932 Standard Little Nine on which oil filtration was provided by a vertical cylinder of steel gauze inside the sump which was attached to the sump drain plug and into which the oil pump inlet pipe dipped. Ingenious but not sure how effective it was. Those were the days of thick white metal bearings though which were probably more tolerant of dirt.
  5. Are the members attending in agreement of this idea?
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  7. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  8. Hi we have a dog and the nx300h we have our based has heated and ventilated front seats. Has anyone purchased good quality seat covers that allow these function to work still
  9. Steve

    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  10. Dashboard shows from 15l/100km upto 20l/100km fueld consumption, Airfilter is changed. I check my engine oil frequently, seems to be same level everytime so its either not burning oil or it is very little, but is there a reason it only burns when under pressure ? it does not smoke when in neutral at all.
  11. How much is the engine-oil consumption? Blue smoke is burned engine oil, that explains the burned rubber smell. About the high fuel consumption, did you check the airfilter? I suggest begin with reading out the eobd.
  12. Forgot to mention, diesel consumption is also very high, fuel filter was changed a month ago, but no changes, still same problems.
  13. Bought a used Lexus is 220d 2006 almost a year ago, car has 200,000km, however i was told by the seller that the engine was replaced and has gone only 100,000km ish. Since i bought it car had problems, under 2000 rpm, the car has no power in a straigh road until it reaches 2000-2100 rpm then sudden power comes, i googled and some people say its normal turbo lag for this lexus model, but i dont think so since even a moped can accelerate faster then me, when im 2nd gear in 1000rpm and i floor the pedal it takes around 6-10 seconds for it to reach 2000rpm in a straigh line, is this normal for a 177hp vehicle, and the second issue i have is blue smoke from exhaust, it only smokes when in gear and car under pressure ( uphill , acceleration ) BUT if im in neutral and accelerate it, no smoke comes out. if stopped while the car is smoking after uphill or accelerating the car will keep smoking for a minute and it smells very bad, dont know what it smells like but closest thing i can think of is burned rubber. i should also mention that sometimes for what ever reason it doesnt smoke when accelerating or going uphill, i was thinking it could be when engine temp is high but it cant be the reason since it does smoke even when its high temp on engine when it wants to, so i dont know what it is. . if someone has any idea or knows what it could be please let me know.
  14. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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  16. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  17. Hi , bought carbon mirror cover for my lexus is 250 and found out that they did'nt fit, the reason for that is that i have done a mistake and ordered for right hand driver. if there are someone that like to buy them from me in the UK with some discount please let me know, i payed about 90 £ with postage from Taiwan. the loock is wery god.
  18. Just over a year ago I bought a 2010 SE-L Premier from Lexus Stockport. It’s Cadoxton Slate over Ivory and had 80,000 miles. In the last year it’s done over 20,000 miles faultlessly, it does look a little tired externally (is the paint particularly thin?) but this is mainly because of selfish arseholes in car parks. The interior wasn’t mint when I got it but was pretty close, it’s a little worse for wear in places now but isn’t awful for a 9 year old car. It does polish up beautifully though and after a wash still looks a million bucks. The Ivory interior wears quite well for its colour, I think. I paid £17,495 for it, which still feels wayyy too much but only because all my previous cars combined cost this much. I tend to not worry about resale values, because they’re tedious. If I take the purchase price and mileage it’s cost me less than a pound a mile which I’m happy with #manmaths. I probably won’t have it too much longer, because circumstances have changed, but I do adore it. Yes it’s thirsty, but it weighs 2 tons. Yes, it’s a pain to park in tight car parks, but it’s a great place to be stuck. The red one sounds canny and was my preferred colour. Wishing you well in your search! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. It's a bit unfair to compare a ICE hybrid to a pure EV as EVs right now do have serious draw backs with regards to range, charge times and infrastructure, they are very different class of car. What I meant to say was that for an ICE hybrid, the UX is quite advanced in terms of fuel economy and performance and has one of the most efficient naturally aspirated engines at 40% thermal efficiency. I do completely agree with you though on the topic of Lexus being way too late to market with an EV, this has been a huge mistake by Lexus, just too slow to change! I understand the Toyota/Lexus argument that they are doing more for emmisions by selling millions of hybrids over tens of thousands of pure EVs (simply not enough batteries to go around). However, they should by now at least provide the option of a few EVs, even if supply is limited. It would keep them current and competitive, and show they are still a market leader. If they keep up their stubborn stance on EVs, then Toyota/Lexus could be seriously left behind in a few years and hurting dearly as a brand...
  20. Oh dear. I ask the question why? Surely mankind can do better than this?
  21. An interesting article.
  22. Thanks for the reply and all the figures etc ,I'm looking at a red Rx 73k miles cream interior great condition 2011 plate full lexus history premier model with loads of extras including rear entertainment and radar cruise etc.they want nearly 19k .does this sound reasonable price ?.
  23. That would probably explain why I can't get it to work. Bummer! Was a feature I did hope for.
  24. I think without the Auto button you won't have the function..
  25. Yes Ive tried putting car into reverse adjusting mirrors and then back to park. They just won't move on their own. Am I missing part of a sequence? I know it doesent have the power fold when locking function so thought many they don't reverse tilt either?
  26. I'm afraid you're posting in forum full of LS purists so you may not get too many agreeing with you!
  27. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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