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  2. For sale: RCF GTHAUS MEISTERSCHAFT MUSA EXHAUST SYSTEM Item Condition: Used for 1 year, 6000ish miles, LOOKS LIKE NEW Price and price conditions: £1950 (little negotiable) Extra Info: Cat-back with electric valves (silent&noisy), heavenly naturally aspirated V8 sound, in noisy mode sounds like a race car (watch de video, link attached) Pictures: System still on the car, will be removed Contact Details: 07497788629, Cezar Location: Rickmansworth, WD3  Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Delivery not included; I can deliver by courier but needs to be paid by buyer; you can also pick it up in person
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  4. Great to hear you've settled on the RX. Yes, the camera and big mirrors do help when manoeuvring, and as you know from your Land Rover being that bit higher up gives better visibility anyway. I think RX is a bit more trim than some other cars of this type - I'm currently working on a project which includes a new car park and I've had to allow for an area with 50cm bigger spaces for the directors/visitors in their Range Rovers, X5s etc..... My search on AutoTrader was pretty similar to yours, using that it's interesting to see how many are white - 33 of six other colours versus 18 in white alone. Many of us on here have travelled to buy the right car, it really depends how quickly you need/want it. I would much preferred to have bought it from the helpful, friendly chap at my local dealer but even within their group they just didn't have the right car for me. Four months later they finally do, but I couldn't have waited that long. I believe the warranty covers the car at any dealer, so even if you have a problem you don't need to go back to the people who sold it to you. I did have to go 100+ miles back to my dealer, but that's because of an issue that wasn't covered by the warranty so I had to exchange my first RX for a better example. What sort of mileage will you be doing in it and how long do you intend to keep it? Just wondering if you want to find something with low mileage, or whether you can accept higher mileage but with good history - the latter will save you a bit. Sticking to Lexus dealers, the nearest I can find to you that meets your criteria is a black F-Sport in Sheffield with 63k at £21,450. Lower mileage examples are usually £25k and upwards. If you could make it down to the area south of London (Kent, Surrey, Croydon etc) then you'd have a good range to choose from various dealers, perhaps make a weekend of it? Shame the silver Advance at Glasgow has a tan interior, but could still be worth a look at? Having done just under 50k you'd have an idea of how well that colour takes everyday use ad they seem to be offering a good deal with various extras thrown into the package.
  5. I don't think you've got a real issue with the gearbox. If the fluid level is good you should be fine until the next service and discuss the fluid change at that time. Any decent garage doing your car service will handle transmission fluid too. You keep mentioning the stealers. Are you still using them for servicing? If so, time to find a good garage (Toyota Independent or another).
  6. Silverdel's comments seem to point towards the Korean competitors learning and improving quickly in order to capture more of the market share.
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  8. It depends how strong you are feeling when you load the bike back onto the car after your ride and it also depends on how tall you are.Other factors include whether you want to restrict the rear view still it isnt the best in the CT unless you have a camera and having a bike on top of your car is of little use when entering restricted height car parks. As regards the make, most engineering minded folks wouldn't struggle with any make. People who throw away the instructions and combine this with no understanding of mechanical engineering will struggle with anything they choose. I find bicycle riding to be easier and safer to do in the living room , watching TV.
  9. Glad you're OK! As mentioned, it does seem a design flaw on lots of cars. You'd have thought that an essential safety item should always be in full view. I wonder if a home mechanic or back street garage would have cut the bad piece out and rejoined? I also assume it's a split system so the other half would have worked.
  10. That's lucky! I will defo have MOT issues if I get illegal plates! 🙂 Nice car!
  11. Removed seat cushion as it was giving me an electrical shock! Saving money for a new foam base! 🙂
  12. A few days ago I removed my seat cushion and I have much less electrical shocks! The cushion is off from now on and saving money to fix my seat base (the foam is a bit worn under the bum!).
  13. Went for test drives in an 2013 RX450h luxury and an 2016 NX yesterday. Both were great cars the NX is very stylish and a fabulous interior. I much preferred the space, ride and performance of the RX. My wife was happy with the RX, the reversing camera makes a big difference to her, the worry was it would feel to big for her. It is smaller than our old Saab 9-5 fortunately. So I am now on the lookout for a well looked after 2014/15 RX in any colour bar white with ideally a black interior. Lexus Scotland had a nice white one! Looks like I may have to travel south of the border for the right car.
  14. I will be sad to see her go. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 50,000 miles I've driven. Lovely car....
  15. It's the pipe leading to the calliper you removed? You sound like an excellent mechanic but I wonder if, after all these years, removing it was the final straw for the pipe? Were you not tempted to do the other side? Won't they be similar condition all things being equal? Scary stuff.
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  17. A massive coincidence it 'burst' on the FREE MOT test at a Lexus dealership who then charged you £1200 to rectify a leaking brake pipe. I would have been into the workshop like a racing dog to photograph and document said 'burst pipe' knowing too well they now have me as a captive audience. That said its an expensive performance vehicle and the decision to get it MOT'd and serviced by Lexus probably won't come with any short cuts, so at least you have the assurance its all been done to Lexus dealership standards. However at what stage / age do you stop taking your car to a main dealer .
  18. I know what you mean. Today mine clocked 323 miles in 3 countries, with 4 adults, luggage and seemingly endless nosh (back box). She never missed a beat [emoji106] No complaints from the passengers either, a surprise glass of Prosecco may have swayed the lady's [emoji1787] I got nervous passing the spot where my rear tyre let go last November tho. I did thoroughly check all 4 corners a week before leaving this time tho.
  19. If anyone has a gs f I know where there's an mot failure zafira with G5 FFO.
  20. luckily i didnt mention the hedgehog joke i may of offended someone
  21. 4 previous owners, bought from a small dealer in Bedford. 2006 plate, so an early 460. Had the TPMS sensors replaced/coded, heated seat switch pack replaced and a bit of bodywork touched up as part of the deal. My compromise was on the interior wood (red) which I’ve decided I can live with! Staggering amount of toys though 😎 The drive back was super smooth! A couple of steps up the comfort scale compared to my S Class which was nice. It needs a good service which I’ll do once I get a free weekend, and the glovebox is slightly loose, other than that I’m just going to waft around in it and enjoy it ! Pics once I’ve given it a proper clean and polish. Regards Jim
  22. You need to get this checked and a good garage will cope at not too many £’s. Gearbox oil has to be red. Engine oil clear light see through light tan. If new almost too clear to see. Rough changes from time to time are normal when you catch the system at the wrong speed/time particularly on deceleration. It’s called catching the gearbox out. But again, gearbox oil should be red and not smell bad even if it’s old.
  23. Never had any issues with the following which I should of had Incorrect spacing Incorrect font size No bs/plate supplier mark Jap size plates should be split into two lines Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  24. An idiot is an idiot irrespective of the vehicle being chosen by the idiot. Changing vehicle from Lexus to BMW is possible without the loss of intelligence or manners. I pass a genuine idiot nearly every time I go to work, he rides his bicycle on the road instead of the adjacent cycle path, he swerves to avoid the road drains and pot holes whereas the cycle path has no such obstacles. I guess that one day I shall stop encountering this individual... possibly due to some unfortunate individual running into him, I wonder what car he leaves at home. Whatever it is , it doesn't prevent him from being an idiot whether its a Toyota derivative or a BMW!
  25. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  26. Are they damaged? If not then it might be worth treating them with gummi phlege or aerospace 303 to see if that will revitalise them.
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