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  2. Well the rear spoilers on some cars are of a material with some give in it, so if this material was to be incorporated into the bonnet, it might minimize the damage caused by stone chips and also cause less injury to wayward pedestrians. But it would doubtless add weight so perhaps not a good idea!
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  4. It’s not that it doesn’t work in Eco mode, it’s just not as good at dealing with high outside temps in my experience Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi everyone, hope everything is alright your end during lockdown etc. I'm looking into the history of my ISF. Have any of you heard of or know anything about a white ISF that had the reg plates S9 GDJ, V9 RCH and S111 EYK? S111 EYK is currently on a GS F, that anyone on here ?
  6. I had to have a new height sensor on a previous LS430 and it was simply plug and go. As is often mentioned, the engine should never be run when the car is jacked up as it confuses the system, apart from that it's straightforward. Have you tried Rockauto in the US for new parts? Even with shipping etc it can save lots.
  7. I actually was in Eco mode now that you say it. I just tried it there in normal mode and it does feel cooler but its night time now so could be just pulling in cool air from outside. I will try again tomorrow when its warm, hopefully that was it!! Never knew the AC wouldn't work in Eco Mode
  8. Looks good. Nice to save an older car. James.👍
  9. May be wildly wrong..... is that one of the decals from the back of the runner end under the front seat?
  10. i have just made the modification from some small bass port ducting i tried it on the drivers seat first and then turned both seats on the drivers seat is noticeably better , i will see how good it is tomorrow when i go to work mid morning.
  11. I have used this product and have had great results, if you want a perfect match cut a small piece from under the seat and send it too them!
  12. my opinion of the IS's heated seats is they are rubbish the seats get warm and not much hotter than that, the heated seats in the CT are fab you can cook on those seats and the IS's ventilated seats are poor so if you dont have this feature your not missing out on much.
  13. Many owners have had great results with these guys. Perfect colour match to the original in my car but as explained above the seat colour changes with age and sunlight etc. If you buy enough to do all of the upholstery, take plenty of time and care in the process and it's possible to get excellent results.
  14. If you have not done so, take a look here and register your interest Lucy.
  15. My next question will be, is it just a case of fitting the new one, plugging it in and go, or is there some strange electronic wizardry I have to perform please?
  16. Just had a quick look through the usual channels and there does seem to be an absence of decent SC430 models. @Bob King Bob (aka unclebob) is the man in the know for SC430 models on sale. I'm sure he will be along shortly.
  17. Normally if there is a major issue with the AC the light would flash or not come on, that and the fact that the air is being cooled at least a little implies it is just low on refrigerant but not low enough for the system to shutdown. Did you set the temp all the way end to low and allow enough time for the system to fully cool? I'm not aware of any initialisation that is required to make the system work after a disruption to the 12v supply. Also make sure it isn't in ECO mode.
  18. Ahem... Yeah totally knew that........ 😂 Does sound like our friend is not from our shores
  19. I know you are but I was asking about Iripiribo as it says located outside the UK on his profile. 😀 Been working in Glasgow a few times, never realised when you got there how far I still had to drive to Wick, Skye was similar went over the bridge and the sat said 30 miles to destination, didn’t think it was that big.
  20. To retrofit the OEM system would probably be more expensive than selling your vehicle and purchasing one with ventilated seats. New wiring, switch gear, electronics, ducting etc. You may be able to do something non OEM. e.g. the blower assemblies are around £250 each - you need 4 of those and the seats are probably different so wouldn't just bolt in.
  21. I have circled the ends of the bracket that has snapped, and the arrow points from where the other end of the snap is, if that makes sense.
  22. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  23. Also if anyone has fitted an LSD to theirs where from? Thanks
  24. I've had my 220d for a year now with no issue but would be curious if there is now a SMF replacement to the DMF, also if the same parts fit from the is250 etc for higher rated clutches (I'm running over 400lbft of torque now)
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