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  2. Any F car owners going to this event at Beaulieu on 28th July? I went last year on what was probably the only cold and wet day of the whole summer. I'm hoping for better this year and perhaps a good line up of F cars, anyone up for it?
  3. I'm assuming it simply has to be gas tight to pass the M.O.T. and doesn't matter what it looks like, if so I'm tempted to just have a go at patching it up myself with Holt's Gun Gum etc., just to get it through. This would then give me a year to get it sorted properly.
  4. Just an update to the thread. I've been keeping a close eye on the front Michelin's as they are getting close to the wear indicators... Been out today for the weekly check to find some really bad cracking is occurring all round the tires on both fronts !!! This has occurred within a week !!! So it's in for a pair of Dunlop sport max rt2 later today.. A fair price, a very quiet tire at 69db and an A rating for wet and a C rating for fuel. I would have fitted rears at the same time as the accelera ditchfinders whilst relatively new on the rear are horrible but in the next month I've 4 tires to fit on the alltrack Passat before it goes on its summer camping jaunt to the south of France... I will report back on how they fair on the 250c, as the 250c is heavier than the saloon and how quiet they are. Paul. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. Hmm interesting as 4 will do nicely. When the missus ever bring the car back I will check this out.
  6. It's not a matter of having audio units connected it's phones. When I had my RX I had to delete 4 phones registered to the car.
  7. So I had a correction done on my is300h f sport, millage is not going up but the trip a and b is working. The garage said to bring it back to them next week. Is this the similar issue you had and what did you do to fix it?
  8. Did Torquay to London today.... Cruise set at 75mph in the motorway, by the time I got to Hammersmith it was 63.3 and 66mph, the track through London dented it a bit, but still I’m impressed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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  11. @Alfalfa You can check it easily enough, the door pops open just like the sunglasses holder version, it just doesn't have the finger recess, I just used a penknife blade and it pops open without leaving any marks. Andrew
  12. Maybe give these chaps a call? - they aren't too far from you. I almost used them but eventually bought an OEM bar and fitted it myself.
  13. Will try another cable. Interesting you say Android can have more devices. The Phone section on mine has 4 slots, so I don't see you can add more and the audio has 2 slots. Be interested to know how you got more then 2 audio's registered.
  14. Towbar actually just for bikes, so shouldn't be such a big deal. Definelty more money then i was expecting though.
  15. Thank you John for the explanation. My current battery is 70 amp/hr as well so i should be looking to get a higher capacity as well then with the right size. There's just so much to choose from. What would you say would be a good brand to go with?
  16. Geoff, you should be able to view the up-coming turns in the small screen between rev counter/eco meter and speedo. I say should, because your model is different to mine. You should just need to cycle to the appropriate screen using the steering wheel button on the right hand side.
  17. Is there anything that tell you that this device is there before opening? No need to open if i already know about it.
  18. Lexus Croydon are dealers aren't they? Servicing is always carried out every 10k miles OR 1 year, whichever occurs soonest. In October my car will be having its 60k service even though it won't even have reached 50k. More about service pricing can be found here:
  19. I had a similar problem with an RX back in 2015. This is the feedback I got from the dealer at the time, which may be of interest: The sensors are made of three main parts. An outer ring, a small disc (the sensor), and in between a rubber ring. The sensor works in a way that similar to a sonar, sending and receiving sound waves. The rubber ring around it allows the sensor to register the tiny vibrations from incoming sound waves. When the 3G glass coat (clear coat protection) was applied to my car, it was also applied over the sensors and surrounding rubber ring. Over time, the 3G glass coat hardened to such an extent that the rubber ring became completely rigid, thus preventing any kind of movement., hence confusing the system. The sensors were removed, dismantled and thoroughly cleaned so as to remove all trace of the clear coat, and then re-installed. No problem was experienced after this.
  20. 32” Well that’s me buggered 😂 Seriously, that is not going to help things. I guess I could get out through the sun roof or through the ski hatch 😂 Wait for fridays post, anyone recommend a good body shop for door re sprays 🤣
  21. Have a look at my posting in this topic here - I think it's post No. 5 if I remember right:
  22. Re the greasing the brake pipes thing... As Herbie says. Doesn't mention this at all in the latest MOT testers manual. So I'll be questioning that one and asking for the evidence if it crops up.
  23. Nice one ! Mmm, let's see, jampot, full width rear hub, barrel finned front hub, auto a/r timing cover...... I'l go '55 G3L ? 😀 I'm a Matchless man meself - here's my '54 G80 built to look like a comp replica...
  24. Is your a Mk3 or Mk4, the back bulkhead changed between the two. My Mk3 did have a slight leak at one point, think it was just a case of taking out cluster and reseating. On Mk4, I would have thought water ingress much less likely. Do you know if it is for sure coming in the where the cluster is, or whether it is is maybe coming in from top of boot seal and working its way around the boot until it appears near the cluster.
  25. I have some water leaking into my nearside tail light fitting. It is not a huge amount and nowhere else seems to be affected. Does anyone have a definitive source of the leak and a fix please?
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