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  2. You must have had some long nights now. How are headlights? John
  3. Out of 3 SUVs, RX has best materials e.g. soft leather door trim, but overall NX interior was most attractive for me for some reason, overall layout more modern, controls more accessible. However, overall none of new cars felt like Lexus... Toyota RAV4 perhaps.
  4. Yes, my pump failed and I replaced it myself, see more details here:
  5. Passed MOT today with no advisories, well apart from 2 front tyres that slightly worn on outer sides but I know about it and thinking to swap them over later this year.
  6. My wifes car was fixed (it only took 3 weeks at dealer) so at last I got my Lexus back, I missed it so much! I gave it today a proper wash taking my time with it and the cabin was so dusty! Skoda is not bad but Lexus is on totally another level! I am so happy!
  7. 100,000 miles on a Lexus engine is barely broken in so don't let mileage be a show stopper so long as it has an up to date service history preferably majority Lexus then you have nothing to worry about..
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  9. The same publication still favours the Germans when you read Individual reviews. They have just given the new 3 series 5/5 based on a 2 litre diesel of all things.
  10. Hi Jim, What is the max size of your budget and what do you mean as "good?" What are your red lines-flsh? If one came along with say 90,000 miles, in black with red wood interior and not an L? You are looking in all of the right places,but go to your local Lexus Dealer and ask who he sells the Lexus cars to, that he does not wish to sell himself for reason of age,or mileage,or condition. Good luck.
  11. A pretty strong showing for all Lexus models, but I don’t think there are too many people on this forum totally surprised by these results. Quality, reliability, comfort, a touch of genuine class that every Lexus owner appreciates.
  12. doesn't sound too bad. What would it have been in a normal vehicle stuck in traffic like that, 20mpg?
  13. i'm averaging 45 - 46 mpg after today, i had been expecting to see a larger figure as a 45 minute drive took me 2 hrs due to the M56 having 3 lanes crawling mile after mile after mile this was with the aircon being turned off and being on battery power for a lot of the time.
  14. Steve are you going to be buying new or used? If new then fair enough but if used then all posts are relevant to your thread. As for "testing " roads perhaps what your really after is a proper 4x4 of which neither RX GS or CRV are.
  15. The first time I needed to replace the tyres on my IS, I went for Dunlop Sport Maxx. I hated them! In cold weather (below about 7C) they skipped and juddered, especially when I was reversing and turning, even gently, well away from full lock. I considered winter tyres but here in the south west there are probably only 2 days in a typical year when full winter tyres would be really useful. So, when I needed to change them a few months ago, before winter set in, I decided to try Michelin Crossclimates. They were SO much better. As it stands I'll be sticking to them in future unless I find they degrade too quickly, but so far there doesn't seem to be any signs that they might.
  16. I get 45-46 mpg overall according to the fuel computer. This slightly surprises me as I know how to drive economically and my old Honda Jazz maintains a consistent 53-54 mpg although I can get it up to 70 mpg if I try hard ....mostly by avoiding braking. I therefore have the strange situation where my more economical car costs me a lot more in VED than the other one. A lot of my driving is on rural roads with poorish visibility and occasional big farm machines which occupy about 75 percent of the road width so not a lot of high speed stuff.
  17. Thanks Colin for your comprehensive pdf. The post 2012 updates were all complete news to me.
  18. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  19. Hi All, Having had my Merc S class (2004, W220) written off 2 weeks ago, and having had 2 Mercs in a row I thought it about time I sample the joys of Lexus ownership, I’ve covered hundreds of miles looking at the ones advertised on E-Bay/Autotrader/Gumtree and failed miserable to find a “good” one (subjective I know, sorry), have to say that the ride quality is comfortably better than the Merc! Is there somewhere I am missing my searches? My preference would be LS460 SE-L, not Black, not the red wood interior (ideally below 100K miles) - anyone here on the cusp of selling please shout!! Thanks Jim
  20. that interior is fantastic and when you are inside you wont see the exterior! I think the interior is enough to sell the car ( in China).
  21. Can confirm. I've tracked just over 31,000 miles in my IS300h on Average is 46.5mpg. The summer months give about 10mpg more than the winter. I don't use Eco mode and usually have aircon running.
  22. Yes there are two pumps. When you operate the switch, do you hear the pump running?
  23. Are you sure it isn't just the battery on its way out? The keyless entry system doesn't use that much power - there is a way to disable it on newer vehicles but not sure about the series II IS - if you can it would be via OBD software rather than a menu option (Carista etc.).
  24. Where are you buddy? I’m up for these Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Suspension was revised three years running - 2011, 2012 and 2013. IS-F v1.pdf
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