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  2. Interesting that Lexus use a replaceable filter element rather than a self contained cartridge. Haven't seen one of those for decades. I even converted my 1958 sports car to the cartridge system about 10 years ago. Anyone know about the pros and cons?
  3. Make sure that the mirror switch is evenly set between L and R.
  4. My mirrors don't auto tilt in reverse and I can't find a menu to enable it. Should they or does the is300h have this function? am I missing something? Just figured out how to get a signal on the dab radio it's not the easiest car to figure when I'm not up on techy things.
  5. Ours is a 63 plate (November 2013) Advance. Had 33.5k on the clock when we bought it in February last year and we paid just under £25k for it. Certainly didn't look rough inside then and still doesn't now at 47k.
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  7. Hi everyone I've been looking to trade in my avensis 2012 2.2 against a used rx450h .now I've looked at quite a few and I have found the following issue 2013/14 model 25-40k miles interiors look rough seats etc price range 22-26k , ok with extended warranty to cover issues to just over 100k and 10-12 years age so good for hi spec model .or buy 2010-2012 in really nice condition top spec all goodies etc for 17-20k money wise and 60-80k mileage but it limits you on extended warranty which puts you off higher spec model .I know this may be a big ask but what has everyone else spent ie main dealer / specialist small dealer ,vehicle Year ,spec ,mileage and what did you all pay ? all help would be helpful regards Alan
  8. I know but it shouldn't be done to such a fine carriage surely 😟
  9. Hi Jason thanks, i still have this one from my CT200h so it fits also on the IS300H? I did not try it yet.
  10. I’m using this one.... It works effectively and was cheap Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi, anyone knows which tool to use for removing and fitting the oilfilter from the IS300h? Like the one using in this video at 16:00 min
  12. I squeezed a 300bhp Nissan turbo engine into my Ford Capri so I'm quite partial to a bit of Frankenmotoring...
  13. Eggie

    Alexa app

    App screen is redundant. You cannot get any downloads at moment. Maybe in the future.
  14. Thanks for that. Looked at a couple of SE models but want the SE-L version. Finding prices vary too as to what condition the car is in. But thanks again for your info, yes I meant Jump start. The dealer got me in the car so I could not see how he jump started it, but used a box rather than another car. Still looking, not sure if we should pay a little extra and look at RX450h but alot of people suggest there is no point. I also wondered if there is anyway to update the sat nav. Thanks again.
  15. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  16. I have a Toyota aristo 2jzgte non -vvti registration 1994.[JZS147] A fault has developed regarding high idle from cold start ie instead of initial say around 1700 rpm it slowly increases instead of dropping as the engine heats up?[ once warm if rpm at idle was 1000 rpm it would clear by switching engine off/on[bringing idle to normal at hot 650-700 rpm ,but now no longer the case] On engaging auto box drive the revs drop to around 1100 rpm and the car really drives on it`s own. In park the engine surges/hunts between 1500-3000 rpm. I changed the IAC Valve ,but no difference. Toyota cannot fix as being an import, but did say it was a vacuum leak .Also car has a mines ECU. Disconnecting/reconnecting battery no longer clears high idle either. ie ECU not relearning? Can you give me some help . Thank you , Best regards, Alex.
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  18. Just took ownership of a new NC300H looking at app screen, is it possible to download Amazon Alexa app? It appears that here in the uk that the Lexus Enform cannot be downloaded. How do you get download any app???!
  19. I'm not sure about the sizes for your mk2 without checking around but here's what i installed, 24" and 19" - somewhere in the middle for you?
  20. On the ECP website I entered my reg. number and it identified my 2007 GS300 correctly but the Denso Hybrid Blades suggested are 20" Left and 24" Right. No problem with the Right one as my exiting one measures 23 5/8" so I think that's probably close enough, but my existing Left one measures 18 3/4" and they suggest 20" which is 1 1/4" longer. Anyone got any thoughts on this? Just wondering if the 20" and 24" figures are approximate?
  21. The oil topic for hybrid cars is a bit more complicate. At starting, there is a warming phase (eve if you decide to move in EV mode), in which thermal engine has to reach 40° C idling, once this temperature has been reached engine goes off, ready to restart if needed asking more power than the available by electric motor, if battery needs charging or if speed is over minimum speed in which it has to be anyway on. Besides, in hybrid cars thermal engine, in slow speed situation or when v diminish, is off or working without burning fuel (like in usual cars speeding down), so the result is an average working temperature lower: in this situation, the importance to have a proper oil is quite important, even more in starting time, and for this reason hybrid use 0W-20 oil, not only to spare fuel being it more "fluid". Last engines (like that in UX) require 0W-17 oil. This is also the reason why Lexus and Toyota ask to change oil more often than other car brands, than can use thicker oils and "long life", or in sport cars (where fuel consumption is not a priority and working temperature is high) it' s better to use 5W-50 or more.
  22. The one in hedge end sold before I could see it this weekend. Was thinking of taking a large case with me when viewing but is it possible to fit two of the large cases (dimensions below) in boot and have space for carry on?
  23. I'm not here to rain on the party but, those rear discs look heavily scored, they should have been replaced aswell as the pads. Also, shouldn't this be in the build thread section?
  24. To be honest I advise to not to do it unless you have particular problem. I have done hydrogen cleaning in the past and found no noticeable difference (maybe except some placebo). Generally, you should do carbon cleaning if you failing emissions tests i.e. you have high emissions before tests, after test they should drop. In my case all emissions were 0 before tests (below the measurable scale) and stayed the same after the test - so I don't know if it even worked. In mean time better invest into oil catch can and only do carbon cleaning when you have issue like described above.
  25. Hi folks Am a new Lexus rc300 owner - hello to people on the forum here! What a beautiful car - will actually say my dream car since I first saw one a few years ago, so comfortable to drive too. Only criticism I can make is Lexus spend all this time & money creating the stunning aesthetics - and then a great plastic, cheap number plate gets stuck on the front. Have been reading around on legislation and Piston Heads etc for possible alternatives. Have ranged from people on PH saying remove entirely (which I'm not keen on, it's illegal and I don't want the inconvenice of being pulled over) to the square plates you get on import models. Feel the RC is impacted more by the front plate with the big Predator-mouth type grill than say the German marques (although realise this is subjective). Just a quick topic really to see if anyone has done anything different with their RC or have any thoughts/suggestions? Would be very grateful for any reply!
  26. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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