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  2. I got mine from a dealer and they had sat on it for a month (I’m sure if I looked there would be a thread on here somewhere). I got a discount in keeping with a negotiation but more importantly I got the Lexus warranty upped to 3yrs. I should have got a service plan into the deal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. I saw the blue one near Chichester last week! If you’re on here, I was in the black one! 😎
  5. Steve

    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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  7. Got my windows tinted today...looks a lot better looked good in the 1st place but ohh sooo much cooler now 😂
  8. Taking advantage of the dry & light evenings. First car I've put a ceramic coating on & really impressed with how little effort it takes to bring back the gleam.
  9. Oil changed professionally doesn't damage the environment, it's recycled into heating oil. I don't trust manufacturer service intervals because they clearly don't have my best interests at heart. It's to their advantage to have lower on-paper maintenance costs because that's a major consideration factor when people buy cars. And they also have a huge incentive for that car *not* to last 150k miles because then they can sell you another one. Coolant changes should be based on time not miles because the acidification of the coolant happens over time. If you really wait 100k miles to change your coolant for the first time I wish you luck but no way I'd take that risk with a car I care about. A coolant change with regular Toyota coolant cost me about £100 and will go 3 years, so at £33.33/year it's pretty cheap insurance. Many manufacturers don't list service intervals for their transmissions and will tell you they're "sealed for life". They aren't technically lying, because when that fluid's all burnt up and the seals deteriorate that's the life of your transmission done 😉 The question is do you want that to be 120k miles or 320k miles? =P Maybe you won't keep the car that long so who cares, but I plan to drive mine for a long time.
  10. If you want to waste your money and pollute the environment then knock yourself out. However Toyota Super Long Life Coolant (pink coolant than is standard in every Lexus for the last 12 years) should only first be changed at 100k miles and then every 60k miles - there is a newer coolant that lasts even longer but that isn't standard yet on most Toyotas. S-LLC coolant is used for the engine cooling and the hybrid inverter. Transmission fluid doesn't have a change interval on the IS300h. Only to be inspected every 4 years. I'd personally change it every 100k miles/10 years. The rear diff oil is changed every 4 years. If you have a service plan then the intervals specified by Toyota/Lexus will be followed, the fact they are written on the breakdown is a bit misleading.
  11. That's what my research told me (I found that same website - it's exceptionally helpful!). I'll be making the three hour round trip to collect them in a week or two so my fingers are firmly crossed.
  12. What? He's listed three things there, all of which I would change well before 100k miles if you're planning to keep the car long term.
  13. certainly not, it should only be first changed at 100k miles.
  14. permanent 4 wheel drive systems want all 4 wheels to be the same so there isn't uneven load on the differentials - the wheels should also be periodically rotated to make sure they all wear evenly. Not an issue on a modern Lexus. There really isn't an issue mixing tyres across axles, more important have the same on each axle. Although vastly different grips levels would make the front and rear handling a bit unpredictable, such as mixing winter and summer tyres - Cross Climates are summer tyres.
  15. Available now in Toyota vellfire /Alphard guise which it's being based on Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  16. Ive only noticed it happening the last 4-5 weeks, it occurs in both normal and sport mode! before hand eg in sport mode I could have reeved it hard but once the car hit certain limit she changed up the gear itself but now it won't change until I lift of accelerator.
  17. Do they have rim protection, @rayaans?
  18. It might be a feature to prolong the life of the transmission.
  19. Is this a new problem, or something that has always happened? Are you in sport mode or just normal?
  20. I agree, it is all done for a stamp in a book. The same time I agree that main dealership might see more than an indy but after going over 40k service plan it is just an oil change and a LOT of checks (hell, even security of floor mats), it looks more like a memo to a mechanic more than a plan for a customer!
  21. Hi John, I agree with you, the plan was to buy 2 off and in a few moths 2 more so I am prepared for a Scottish winter. I am sure you can mix Cross Climates with other tyres, well, some people mix winter with cheap summer tyres and not a single garage tell them no no, I am perfectly aware this is not a good practice and if I do it it it will only be for a short time and even then I doubt that as I want to do wheel alignment so 4 new tyres is perfect which is a shame as 2 rears I have only has done less than 8k miles and looks almost new! My coleugue drives Civic which was on 4 Cross Climates, when he had a puncture beyond repair, Honda put another tyre so he can just pass an MOT and never said it is not advisable! I know it is not safe, a few years back I wanted to buy Subaru Outback, after I turned for a test drive I found that it has 4 (four) different tyres, never seen that, so I told the sale rep that Manual says never mixed tyres no Subaru 4 wheel drive and I want them to be the same make, his reply was - as long as they are above legal limit they won't change any of them so I just left the garage! Anyway, my point is: I know it is bad for handling, braking, acceleration but why garages are still letting people do that!
  22. I was lucky to get 36 overall from my 15 reg Advance, quite disappointed (in the mpg), really, as I’d previously had a couple of diesels, and expected the hybrid to not be far off, but it was a good 10mpg down, on similar, conservative driving. OK, I only did 10k miles in it from new..... BUT - at the end of the lease, I was told it would be collected on a date a couple of weeks ahead, so I visited a petrol station. A couple of days later, the lease people phoned to say they’d brought the date forward..... At that point, no longer bothered about mpg, I discovered Sport mode, and realised what a quick car it could be, but no 36 mpg, of course! Having said all that, though, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it had to go back when I retired.
  23. Hi all I have a 2014 IS300h 59000 miles, when using the paddle shift the car won't select the next gear until I lift of the accelerator anyone else come across this problem?
  24. I have owned 2 BMW cars and both had reliability issues. My friend had a Lexus and I remember him saying " If you drive from London to Monaco and want to arrive in style, take the BMW. If you want to get back home, take a Lexus.
  25. The two cars I looked at before buying mine were at lexus dealerships. Both weren’t overly interested in price negotiation. They came across as quite happy to sit on them rather than knock too much off. you would probably have more luck negotiating with the private seller. Been watching the prices for some time now, to make sure mine’s holding out value wise 👍🏻, most of them around the 50 k mileage or so are up for at least the 17.5 +k. good luck matt
  26. Don't know if this will help. Your car is about halfway down (look for EUDM) specs: 225/60ZR16 97W 7Jx16 ET45 5x114.3 These are the specs for the 1990 model and the spec looks exactly the same apart from the higher speed rating on the tyres. 225/60R16 97V 7Jx16 ET45 5x114.3 The 7j bit and the offset (ET45) are both the same so they should be good.
  27. They're the same wheels I had on my 92 LS400 but I can't remember the size, my MK4 had the same wheels you have now. I seem to remember the very first one had 15" then 16" like the ones you've bought. I hope I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will confirm.
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