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    its ok now just had a new DPF which costed £2072 fitted just a month ago, last year the Sri cost me 4-5k shocking, don't ever buy a newer diesel as they all have issues with DPFs EGRs etc they are a nightmare. I ain't ever buying a diesel ever again, back to petrol for life, the siggy is up for £4800, think i will get a newer IS lol but love this one.
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    Glad you've discovered Lexus britains best kept secret ;) Ive got a IS200 auto too btw and love it
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    There is some interesting information on the LS 400 in the Daily Telegraph.........Honest John Classics: http://classics.honestjohn.co.uk/reviews/lexus/ls400-xf10
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    Welcome Dave. Glad you are liking your new car :)
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    Hey Guys, So I had a fairly productive weekend on the car again. :) Managed to install my Precision LED lights, and my new fog bulbs. Just the main beams left to do. ;) Thinking I should get them done on Saturday if the weather is reasonable. The pictures really don't do them much justice. You need to see them in person at night (obviously!) to get the full effect. Installation was generally straightforward, although you need to be meticulous and take your time to avoid any damage. Unsuprisingly the puddle lights were the trickiest bit. Not so much the dis-assembly, but the fact the LED's they sent were longer than the OEM halogen's. Takes plenty of fiddling and testing to get them spot on. Have also seen what someone said about the initial flickering. This is due to the halogen's getting increasingly brighter when you open the door for example. LED's can't do that. It's on or off really. I'm not fussed as it is only for maybe a second, then you get full LED brightness. :) Let me know what you think. Cheers! Peter :) The reverse lights are amazing!! Really bright and crisp. Check out the rear view camera shot. Really has helped illuminate things behind the car when reversing. Fogs are a very good match colour wise with the dipped beam's.
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    kev, just been on the wot not website do you know the name or product ID/name for the engine clips? thanks
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    For the heater controls you'll need this type, But if you replace the stock bulbs with these most people find them not bright enough! Theres a tut on another forum that works so much better, but its a PITA of a job to do but well worth it. This is what you'll end up with with that better mod. Changing the radio will be a royal pain in the ar$e as its leds are soldered to the board. If you look at the pic below i belive that they are the samest smd led in the pic lol feck that!!! Someone has do this mod and swapped them to blue and it looked spot on, but id never have the patience to do it.

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