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    I took the plunge in back in December and ordered my new company car. An IS 300h F-Sport in white. After what seemed like forever i took delivery in March and i love it. Unfortunately so does my wife.... So much so that on Friday we part exchanged her VW EOS and in 15 days time we'll be collecting her new CT 200h f-sport, white, premium nav, sunroof. Does that mean we now have Alexus's are is it Lexi? :-)
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    A nice birthday treat indeed - looks very good. I had a couple of w126s myself - a white 420SEL (2000-2012) and a black 500SEL (2005-2013). Both now sold and replaced by two Mk 3 LS400s. I liked the w126s - hence the long period of ownership - but on balance I think I prefer the LS400s. I hope the keep them for a long time too. Enjoy the w220!!
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    John hi , the remote fobs you describe sound the same as my Mk3 ones , as for the keys if the non Lexus one is not a transponder key that has been programmed for your car then it will behave as you describe . I can only assume that pushing certain pedals overides the immobilizer in some way to allow the car to start ,if that is the case it is not much of a theft deterrent . I have had a spare key done at a local key cutting shop, the wife looks after this in case I lock my keys in the boot again , the key opens all the doors and turns on the ignition but wont start the engine . Will have to try that pedal trick to see if I can start the engine with it . Glad you have got your other fob working ,its good to have a spare .
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    His labour would double the price of the car. Wish they would knock on my door
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    Ever noticed how they never include Labour charges for poor old Edd. If I knew where he hung out I would book my cars in there. Parts only, rather appealing. Mike

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