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    Subtle improvement for under £10 - Brake Calipers I've just sent off my Alloys to be refurbished and left my IS250 on axle stands on my driveway looking rather sad. With the wheels off I noticed how shabby my brake calipers were looking and I thought I could make some cheap improvements while the wheels were off. I started with a good scrub with a stiff brush and some lightly soaped hot water, I then allowed everything to dry off before wiping everything with a cloth to remove any final debris. Here is what I was left with. I think decided to pickup some gun metal grey spray paint from my local auto shop, after some quick masking and a light dusting the calipers looked like this. I then thought It would be nice to have the Lexus branding on the Calipers, so I printed the logo onto some card and cut it out carefully with a craft knife to make a stencil. I then used the stencil to dust some sliver spray paint I had going spare over the calipers to get the finished product like so. Thanks for reading, I hope you found this useful. Let me know what you think. I'm also going to make some cheap improvements in the engine bay and I will be sure to post on here when I have done them. Thanks George I regularly post updates on what i'm doing with my cars on Instagram @Gtownsman
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    Well, I found it interesting to be able to compare the Mk4 with my Mk3. However, any possible debate as to which to own has resolved itself through two factors: 1) The Mk4 owner decided not sell, and to be quite honest with the money he's put into it I can't blame him at all. 2) My Mk3 passed its MoT today, with apparently just a bit of headlamp alignment required. I was somewhat surprised, I'd given it no preparation whatsoever, and it came as a welcome relief after my wife's 2002 Accord incurred us a rather hefty bill for an MoT and service earlier in the week. I ended up using the Lexus for everyday duties for much of the week, not ideal weather for a powerful RWD car on icy/greasy country roads but it coped admirably. Understandably I'm rather pleased that I can keep using it and will now put a little bit of effort into getting its various minor issues sorted. A bit of a wash might not go amiss: Lexus update by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr
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    I collected my Mesa Red is300h FSport on Saturday. It has leather heated & cooled memory seats and the uprated satnav. I am slowly working out what everything does. I tried it in sport today and it flew. I was going to buy an XF but after the test drive in the Lexus I changed my mind. I like the fact that there are not many around to. Only showing 23mpg so far but it is gradually going up. Ed
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    Never heard of Barums (though they are made in Czech republic), but 5000 miles is plainly stupid. For a bit more money invest in Falkens. I had a new set all around and since done just under 5000, and seem to be fine, with (I reckon) at least another 15K in them (if not more). What pressure have you been running at. I use 35PSI (as recommended in the Mk4 owners guide) also ran this pressure on previous LS. You could also try Nexen's they are hard wearing, cheaper than Falkens, but tramline like mad on motorways As to the rear coil spring, does sound a little over the top, though I am aware from experience with the good lady's motor, that £250 seems to be the number any dealer quotes for anything like this, and you have to haggle.
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    From what I've herd the GS-F is going to be some car and also made to sell in larger numbers than the IS-F (well probably in the states, Europeans haven't got into Lexus as much)
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    The RC-F has the same engine as the IS-F but only 2 doors the GS-F coming out next year also has the same engine so Lexus still make a sports car
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    A late contribution to this thread: As I posted recently under a different heading, over my six-month ownership period of my LS430 I've averaged 25-ish mpg - around our country lanes it drops, of course, to 20-ish; on longer journeys on M-ways and good dual carriageways I have no trouble achieving 28-29. The enjoyment level is higher than I've ever experienced in 45 years of motoring, and in any case fuel costs as a proportion of living expenditure are trivial - especially at their present levels. I've no doubt that looking at total cost of ownership over several years I shall win hands down. Anthony
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    I must be a boring old f$$t...........I think that doing something like that to an LS is like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa.
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    Mike i clearly get your point here. but its up to the individual to determine if its a relevant incident to answer yes or no to. the question we need to ask our selves is why does my insurance company need to know if i have had a £300 bumper repair or a touch up paint job during the last 5 years or not what is in it for them?? wait for it.... more money.. i can understand disclosing this information to them if the incident involved 1000's of pounds in repair bills, a claim or injuries. as you confirm its down to one to disclose to them if they kerbed their wheels or hit badger crossing the road as those also falls under the term 'Accident' so why would a minor bumper or slight paint repair not fall under the same scenario. like you confirmed life isn't fair hence it isn't fair for them to dip their hands into my pockets either. am happy we can understand this from both sides of the coin.

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