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    Firstly, why does it matter? Drive the car that suites your needs and makes you happy :) I'm 31 and drive a GS450h SE-L (equivalent to the "Premier" back in the day). I bought it because it's quick, unconventional, and looks good. On the other hand, my dad is 61 and he's awaiting delivery of a 370Z (with a manual gearbox). To most people, we should be driving each other's car just because of our so-called "age group", but instead we drive the car that suits our individual tastes (and budget) :)
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    I suspect you won't be saying that after you've actually owned one for a few months.
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    If the leakage is slight, you check the coolant level daily and the temperature gauge remains normal it should be OK for a short while.
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    I've had my IS250 since last July. In that time I've done 5,965 miles at an average 29.86mpg (calculated from actual petrol used, not from the car's computer). My best tank was 32.43mpg and my worst was 26.37mpg. Most of the mileage has probably been motorway (weekly trip from Hampshire to West Midlands) with the rest around town. I've mostly used either Shell V-Power Nitro+ or Shell Regular Unleaded petrol in it, which has worked out (with petrol prices falling) at 18.83p per mile overall.

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